Slate of the Union (Sophomore Class President slate)

Monica Tsien
Natalie Longmire-Kulis
Henry Hill-Gorman
Trinity Donohugh
Slate statement

Hey You! It's Monica Tsien, Natalie Longmire-Kulis, Henry Hill-Gorman, and Trinity Donohugh and we are the Slate of the Union

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Together, we bring a diverse background of interests, skills, and experiences that we believe will make us able to effectively serve as the sophomore class presidents. Natalie and Henry currently serve as representatives, and Monica is currently the President of Frosh Council. Outside of Frosh Council, all four of us are heavily involved in a variety of different clubs and activities. Trinity is involved in Stanford Women in Business, ASES and training for triathlons. Monica loves being a part of Stanford Women in Business, dancing, and making fun and energetic videos. Natalie dedicates herself to working on events in Stanford in Government, attempting to bake, and trying to spend as much time outdoors as possible. And Henry can usually be found warming the bench for the ultimate frisbee team, performing improvisational comedy around campus, or petting any doggo he can find.

The four of us are running to serve as sophomore class presidents because we love our Stanford community, and as class presidents we would work to continue to strengthen this amazing place we call home. Our campaign slogan is “True 22 You” because we want to create an environment where every student feels the love and support to discover and express their true selves on this campus. In order to accomplish this, our slate is running on a platform that focuses on three core areas:

Creating and Strengthening Friendships by organizing social events and activities throughout the year that unify the class, strengthen the friendships we treasure, allow us to meet new people, and ultimately break the barriers of the sophomore slump.

Collaborating and Empowering by creating opportunities that foster a supportive and genuine community among the sophomore class. We see this happening most effectively through collaboration with the wonderful student groups and organizations that are already doing the good work within their communities and understand how to best support their students. Rather than operate with a top-down approach to event organizing, we would like to serve as a mechanism for supporting and working in collaboration with these organizations on campus to create events that truly benefit the sophomore community.

Connecting and Listening to the entire sophomore class. Our slate is fundamentally rooted in the understanding that our job as class presidents is to serve the class of ‘22, and we’re working hard to engage everyone on campus to hear what they want from their sophomore cabinet. Our most important role as Sophomore Class Presidents is to make sure that your sophomore year is as special and memorable as possible. We believe that the best way we can accomplish this is by listening to you. If you have a suggestion for an event, an exciting idea that you need help spreading the word about, or just want to talk, we are your go-to people.

Click here to be directed to our campaign website which includes our entire campaign platform.