The Dream Team (Sophomore Class President slate)

Aditya Sidapara
Karsten Householder
Tiffany Liu
Mira Guleri
Slate statement

The Lineup

Adi is from Scottsdale, AZ and lives in Larkin House in Stern Hall (big Larkin Love guy). He is planning on studying computer science and public policy. On campus, he is involved with the Stanford Polo Club, Stanford VC Club, and the CS + Social Good Design Studio. His favorite things to do are running out of meal plan dollars at week 4, counting the number of people who have fallen asleep in the Bender Room, and napping between classes to recover from his caffeine crashes.

Tiffany is from San Ramon, CA and lives in Cedro in Wilbur Hall. She is super undeclared (but thinking of SymSys and English). On campus, she is a part of Urban Styles, Kids with Dreams, Stanford Marketing, and Dollies (❤️ LSJUMB!!). Her hobbies include dancing (and watching dance videos on Youtube), writing and reading, and playing Word Hunt!

Karsten was born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona and currently lives in Donner. He is planning on studying Biochemistry here at Stanford to pursue his interest in biotechnology. Currently, he is a member of the Stanford Health Innovation and Pre-Business Clubs on campus and loves learning about the intersection of health and business. In his free time, he plays a lot of soccer and baseball and is very passionate about our local Oakland Athletics.

Mira is from Burlingame, California, a lowkey version of Palo Alto 20 minutes north of campus. This year, she lives in Roble Hall (rep 2CCC). She is hoping to study Symbolic Systems with a concentration in Neuroscience and minor in Modern Languages. On campus, she is a marketing intern for Stanford Concert Network and a fan of SymSys Society and French House events. In her free time she enjoys taking advantage of farrillaga being nearrillaga (west campus what’s good), hyping herself with up with music, and slowly giving herself mercury poisoning from atrocious amounts of sushi.

Our Platform

Now that we are two quarters into freshman year, we’ve had a lot of time to reflect. We’ve met some really awesome people, made amazing memories, taken classes that have pushed our boundaries, and have started to find in some capacity the communities here that we call home. But we’ve also come to realize how fragile that community can be. Life on this campus moves fast — friendships are constantly changing, and balance is hard to maintain. At times, it’s difficult to find your community when you’re still trying to figure out who you are. And those challenges will only grow during sophomore year. Life will change fundamentally for our grade: we won’t have our freshman year dorms, and all of us will disperse to very different pockets across campus. But that doesn’t mean that we should lose the support that we got from being freshmen.

We believe that community is a commitment — it’s something to be cultivated, something to be upheld, something to which we constantly strive. We may not be able to fully prevent the “sophomore slump,” but we can and will work to make that transition easier for everyone. We wanted to create a platform with that commitment in mind:

Strengthening and improving freshman communities.

We would plan freshman dorm reunions (for West and East campus), de-stressing events (e.g. Field days, winter quarter rainy day slip-n-slides, petting zoos, free merch giveaways — our list of ideas goes on).

Making all class events free.

We want to make sure there are absolutely no barriers to students attending class events, assessing peer input to plan events that actually appeal to our class.

Immersion in the community beyond the Bubble.

We will forge partnerships with food places and other vendors off-campus to give the class discounts or promotions and organize more food trucks on campus.

Mental health.

We believe that mental health is one of the most pressing issues on campus. This coming year, we will prioritize discussion of mental health resources and reform through the following:

Providing an information guide that offers support and clarification for our class in navigating the mental health resources and administrative procedures like CAPS assessment and the off-campus referral system at Stanford through debunking myths and demystifying mental health resources on campus.

Hosting a mix of social and educational events regarding mental health and wellness, in which members of our class can talk candidly about their experiences on campus and work on initiatives to improve mental health at Stanford.

Establishing a Class of 2022 mental health committee focused on making information and advice on mental health resources accessible to all students.

Partnering with peer resources like the Bridge Peer Counseling Center.

Making information accessible.

Weekly newsletter of events, resources, and opportunities.

No one reads extraneous emails. We want to start a newspaper that’s catered toward our class in terms of relevant events and resources on campus.

Transparency from us.

We will be keeping a website where we post updates (upcoming events, meeting minutes, general tips, etc.) and get input back from you all.

Incorporating what you actually want.

Ultimately, we want everyone to have a voice in shaping their sophomore experience. This week, during the active campaign season, we’ve been traveling to different dorms to understand what you all want the most from us as your class presidents. Here are just a few of the things that we heard:

Improving the dining hall food options

A Class of 2022 Marriage Pact

More events and information sessions on voting

Thank you for taking the time to consider our platform, and we are so excited by the prospect of serving you all. Here’s to an amazing end of freshman year and an even better sophomore year!