Matt Wigler (Undergraduate Senate candidate)

Candidate statement

Student voices deserve to be taken seriously. I hope to bring them to Stanford's faculty and administration as an advocate for our shared interest in building both a better school and home here. At the same time, I am also convinced that we could all stand to benefit from more conversations with each other. I hope to help initiate such conversations, bridging divides that split our polarized campus and building trust between communities. I am running for senate because I believe in the possibilities of dialogue, as well as those of student government. My platform centers on increasing opportunities for student engagement with Stanford's institutions and with each other.

I am Vice President of the Stanford Democrats and serve on a statewide caucus of the California Young Democrats. I support divest from private prisons and fossil fuels; I support Israel. I want to pursue measures to better protect Stanford students from sexual assault and to help survivors achieve healing and justice. I value Greek life on campus: I believe it is often treated unfairly by administration and deserves an advocate. I seek more funding for community centers on campus to provide safe spaces for communities whose experiences at an institution still struggling with complicated legacies of race, gender, and religion. I know we can do better to make people of all backgrounds feel at home here. I will protect free speech and demand responsible speech, however unpopular either position makes me with any group at any given time.

And I believe, sincerely, that despite all of the issues that divide us here at Stanford, there is still more we share. There is still more we have to strive towards together in the future than to argue over today. Our discourse on campus should reflect that: we should expect civility and respect from one another. I hope to be part of facilitating such a culture in the senate and across the student body. I am interested in serving you, in listening to your stories, struggles, and aspirations as we forge a path forward, even if we disagree. So let's talk - because listening and learning are key to leading.

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