Justice & Vicki (Executive slate)

Justice Tention
Vicki Niu
Slate statement

Hey Stanford!

We are Justice Tention and Vicki Niu and together we are running for ASSU Exec. We’re excited and we’re prepared to represent you. As ASSU Senator, Freshman RA, and co-founder of CS+Social Good, we’ve dedicated our time at Stanford to impact and we're ready to spend our senior year serving the entire the entire student body. Together we bring:

EXPERIENCE: Exec is a role that requires hand-off. Exec needs intimate knowledge of the ASSU to understand what progress had been made, what's left, and where to pick up. Justice served as Appropriations Chair of the ASSU Senate, working to ensure all clubs and student groups get the funding and resources they need for you to do what you love. Vicki co-founded CS+Social Good, one of the largest student groups on this campus that provides opportunities for Stanford students both on campus and beyond. We get how the ASSU works and we're ready to use the entire ASSU — Exec, Senate, the GSC, SSE, and passionate student leaders — as a force for change.

COMPASSION: We care about the issues you care about. For the past few months we've listened and are eager to keep listening to you about what it is you care about. We will work to increase access to health (both physical and mental) resources to student and provide adequate support for student groups. We've spent our time at Stanford giving back to our communities, in Freshman dorms, in Cape Town, and beyond and we'll continue that passion into next year.

CONNECTION: ASSU is about connecting you with the Stanford, the administration, the student body and student groups. We bring a wide variety of backgrounds and knowledge to connect communities on campus for their voices to be heard and so each can be as effective as possible. We want to connect all communities, even the most silenced, so everyone's voice is heard.

We've got a lot of ideas and we encourage you to check them out and get to know us on our website: www.justicevicki2k17.com

So please vote Justice & Vicki for ASSU Exec!

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