Stanford Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Enthusiasts, Engineers, Entrepreneurs (Annual Grant and Special Fee Group)

Special Fee type Undergraduate Annual Grant
Total request amount $27,390.00
Previous Special Fee amount New request
Amount per Undergrad $3.92 per year
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Noa Glaser,

Group statement

The Stanford UAV Club (SUAVE) is a student organization dedicated to educating and engaging the Stanford community with drones and model aircraft (UAVs). Interest in this field has greatly increased in recent years, and we're excited to share the world of UAVs with you!

SUAVE offers educational courses to students every quarter, including our most popular course, SUAVE 101, where students learn to build, fly, and program their own autonomous quadcopter or airplane. SUAVE also brings companies and individuals from the UAV industry to campus in order to share their experiences and technology with the Stanford community. Recent tech talks include presentations by Intel RealSense (the team behind the Super Bowl drones!), the FAA Deputy Director, and an autonomous search-and-rescue competition team.

Students can also join or initiate project teams sponsored by SUAVE, like the Stanford Design-Build-Fly team, which designed and constructed a tube-launched airplane based on rigorous design specifications and is competing in the 2017 International AIAA DBF Competition. Other projects include a solar-powered airplane and a quadcopter competing for the world record for the fastest 100m ascent by a multirotor!

SUAVE has an open workspace with tools and a 3D printer for members to build and discuss ideas. Membership is free and is open to all students!

Additionally, SUAVE is tasked with maintaining a safe campus environment for the recreational flight of UAVs. SUAVE offers safety training, airframe inspection, and flight certification services to all student UAV pilots.

We love new member involvement and hope to use special fees to increase our capacity for serving the Stanford community. We need Special Fees for: Sponsoring new projects like Design Build Fly, which require additional funds for the construction of their aircraft and competition travel expenses (the Design Build Fly team had to pay for their own airline tickets out-of-pocket this year). Offering our courses to more people. The SUAVE 101 course has been oversubscribed for the past two quarters, and we would like to increase its enrollment cap, but we need to purchase additional equipment to make this happen. Continuing to educate and feed hungry students. SUAVE membership and participation in tech talks and other club events has increased, and we need additional funds to pay for food and event services. Improving our workspace through the purchase of additional equipment for our educational programs and project teams, including trainer aircraft, tools, and sorely needed UAV flight simulators for training new pilots.

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