Stanford Symphony Orchestra (Annual Grant and Special Fee Group)

Special Fee type Undergraduate Annual Grant
Total request amount $34,450.00
Previous Special Fee amount $33,700.00
Change from previous request 2%
Amount per Undergrad $4.94 per year
No petition required!

Special Fee request sponsor
Jason Lin,

Group statement

The Stanford Symphony Orchestra, which encompasses our main symphonic orchestra, as well as the Stanford Philharmonia, our chamber orchestra, is Stanford’s premier orchestra. Between our two groups, we have nearly 150 musicians, with the vast majority of our members Stanford undergraduate students. SSO provides an invaluable opportunity for students to develop musically, with extensive rehearsals, sectionals, and coaching, as well as the chance to play challenging repertoire.

We will have performed over 10 concerts to the Stanford community by the end of this year, with many of our concerts sold out. These concerts are always free to Stanford students and have also reached many other members of the Stanford community. In addition, we have collaborated with other Stanford musical groups, such as the Stanford Symphonic Chorus, Stanford Wind Ensemble, and Stanford Chamber Chorale. Annual grants play a crucial role in making all of these concerts possible and accessible to Stanford students and will be used for a variety of expenses ranging from facilities and equipment rental (for rehearsal and concerts) to transportation costs. Thank you in advance for your support!

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