Stanford Harmonics (Annual Grant and Special Fee Group)

Special Fee type Undergraduate Annual Grant
Total request amount $20,960.00
Previous Special Fee amount $20,559.00
Change from previous request 2%
Amount per Undergrad $3.00 per year
No petition required!

Special Fee request sponsor
Zack Cinquini,

Group statement

Harmonics is a co-ed a cappella group open to all Stanford students that specializes in indie and alternative rock music. We hold concerts in winter and spring and perform at off-campus events throughout the year. In addition to live performances, we strive to produce a full length album every two years—in 2017 we released our tenth studio album, “Fault of Imagination.” All of our arrangements and a large share of our sound engineering are done in-house, allowing members to develop their voices while also gaining comprehensive exposure to the skills necessary for pursuing music in a professional setting. The annual grant allows Harmonics to continue to arrange, perform, and share our music for free with the Stanford community.

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