Stanford Flipside (Executive slate)

Jason Seter
Deedee Anderson
Slate statement

Under the guise of caring about your needs and concerns, Jason Seter and Deedee Anderson propose these initiatives for making Stanford a better place to learn and grow.

--A movement to replace all teachers with glow-in-the-dark mannequins.

--Substantive policy changes to modernize Stanford's nuclear program.

--Free dental.

--If elected, we'll fit our whole fists in our mouths.

--More Chobani yogurts. You know, the ones that get all soupy at the top.

--Passage of legislation allowing for more than one aged troll per steam tunnel.

--Fewer squirrels, because they're honestly just rats with fluffy tails.

--We'll let you play Arthur Iula's Xbox. We asked if it was okay, and he told us yeah, it's fine.

--More Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest screenings.

A vote for us is a vote for whimsy and delight. We won't let you down, unless you need to descend a well, in which case yes, we will totally let you down.

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