The Stanford Fleet Street Singers (Annual Grant and Special Fee Group)

Special Fee type Undergraduate Annual Grant
Total request amount $17,221.90
Previous Special Fee amount $16,700.00
Change from previous request 3%
Amount per Undergrad $2.47 per year
No petition required!

Special Fee request sponsor
Isaac Smith,

Group statement

Since 1981, The Stanford Fleet Street Singers have been a staple of Stanford’s growing a cappella family. Our musical focus is on our all-original songs, written by current members of the group. In our repertoire are original songs that have been written by our members over the last 30 years. We also are the only group on campus that sings the Stanford “Fight Songs”, which we sing during Big Game Week, alumni events, and various other opportunities. We bring our unique energy and comedy to campus every week with our 15-minute performances each Friday in front of the Claw Fountain in White Plaza, and also perform shows throughout the year that are free and open to all members of the student body. Each of our two main shows, at the end of the Fall and Spring quarters, attract around 200-300 students for an evening of comedy sketches, original songs, and classic choral favorites. While we sing for the Stanford community often, we also have a history of traveling both within California and across the country for more than 25 years to spread our energy and enthusiasm for creativity and music at high schools, colleges, libraries, and more. Each tour not only functions to spread our musical energy, but also allows us to serve as unofficial ambassadors of Stanford, and to connect with Stanford alumni in cities all over. We host visiting a cappella groups for additional free concerts on campus, and for the last several years we’ve also been participating in a charity concert in Napa. We are requesting this budget, a modest 3.1% increase over last year’s budget, to allow us to continue our mission and projects, and to ensure that going forward we will be able to share our energy in the ways we have been and more.

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