Camp Stand for U (Rising Seniors Class President slate)

Kyle D'Souza
Maddie Bradshaw
TG Sido
Liz Trinh
Slate statement

Stanford can get tough. Everyone struggles, rejection is everywhere, bike lights (and entire bikes) get stolen, Fraiche was replaced by The Grill which has been replaced by Decadence, the University is urging against recreational water activities in Lake Lag, and even in paradise, it’s not always sunny.

Camp Stand for U believes that what makes this campus so bright are the incredible everyday moments of community and support, helping each other up, pushing each other on.

We -- TG Sido, Maddie Bradshaw, Kyle D’Souza, and Liz Trinh -- want to be a part of those good-rolling times. We come from completely different corners of campus life, with eclectic friend groups, various extracurriculars, and diverse majors. Drawing from our assorted experiences, we want to dedicate our senior year to serving the Class of 2018, you all, for our final undergraduate year on The Farm. We want everyone, not just a few segments of the population, to be involved and feel a part of the class next year, and we will ensure that each member of our class has their voice heard and represented.

We understand you might be skeptical. Every year, a few ambitious students decide they want to be involved in student government. They come up with the platform points they feel they need to get elected, yet that change isn't always felt by the whole class. Thus, we do want to be your class presidents, we wouldn’t be running otherwise. But we’re not running on things we’re not passionate about, or to fulfill a personal goal. We’re running to Stand for U, to make sure each member of our class is heard and appreciated, and to make senior year the best for you.

With that said, we aim to completely revitalize the roles of class presidents. Take a look at a couple of our ideas.

We’re passionate about making your senior year both fun filled with plenty of events and intentional with professional programming. Vote Camp Stand For U and give us a chance to do so.

Senior year should be Easy, Breezy, Beautiful...

  • Senior Nights
    • Infamous club scenes (like the Tequila Lounge and Opal).
    • Extending Pizzeria and Crepe Night to the entire Class of 2018
    • Bar hopping (we’re talking The Patio and Old Pro)
    • Wine and beer tastings
    • Senior formal...with a twist!
  • Senior Days
    • Adventures in the City
      • Let’s get off campus for a little bit!
    • Weekly hang-outs and intimate chill sessions at unique parts of campus, from our rooms to the Dish, for any member of the Class of 2018 to kick back with each other in a meaningful way.
    • Campfire S'mores outside Lake Lag, Class-Wide Assassin, and more!
  • Monthly events
    • Class giveaways: Krispy Kreme, Sushiritto, Naked juices, jump ropes, and swag (t-shirts, hats, socks, stickers)

Rather than only planning events, we will be a force that unifies our class.

  • Leaving a legacy on and off campus through a substantial Class-Wide Service Project
    • Improving Stanford through kindness and wellbeing initiatives
    • Breaking the bubble by engaging with communities outside of Stanford
  • Mental health and sexual assault community partnerships
    • Increasing awareness and access to resources
    • Developing peer support groups and interventions to combat these issues
  • Preparation for life after Stanford
    • Job Search Guide and Alumni Network Resources
    • GRE, MCAT, Academic study groups
    • Interview Prep (Technical, Case, etc.)
  • Weekly emails advertising athletics and arts performances, as well as service initiatives all across campus
    • If you have a performance, concert, or game in which you are performing, we will roll out!
    • No more half-empty bleachers!
    • Open door policy: We commit to real accessibility, general candor, and openness with ourselves and events
  • Bringing in an extraordinary commencement speaker
    • We'll pool our resources together as a class to make Commencement a day to remember for years to come.

We intend on bringing back the magic of freshman year and coming around full-circle by listening to you, dreaming bigger, and ultimately leaving a shared mark as a class. We’re going out with a bang!

Stand For U aims to make Camp Stanford a reality for all three quarters. Join the camp(aign).

Don’t know who we are? Don’t worry! We included a little bit about us.

Kyle D’Souza, a Soto alum, has been all over campus and loves meeting new and old faces across campus.. He’s been abroad, taken classes in 22 different subjects, and loves Stanford. He’s taken time off before and knows that things don’t always go as planned. He enjoys bringing people together from different parts of campus, wants to help build a genuine, more loving community, and he is passionate about reimagining senior year and our Stanford class.

TG Sido, a FroSoCo alum hailing from Dublin, California, has truly enjoyed his time on The Farm. When he’s not in the lab or doing psets, he’s probably on one of the sand courts playing beach volleyball with the boys. TG has served on Frosh Council and ASSU Senate and hopes to serve as one of your class presidents to make your senior year one to remember.

Maddie Bradshaw emerged from the halls of Roble 1B her freshman year, and ever since has tried to get involved in any and all aspects of Stanford’s campus. She has served in leadership roles for her sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma, and can frequently be found at Tresidder, Coupa, the Haas Center, but never at the gym. Word on the street is she’ll try to bring back Fraiche… (half joking, mostly serious). She’s very excited about the opportunity to plan fun and meaningful events and service projects that bring the entire senior class together.

Biking from the Farrillaga gym (AKA where you won’t find Maddie), Elizabeth Trinh is a dilettante of sorts. She has made contributions to her freshman dorm, The Stanford Daily, Stanford Jump Rope, Stanford Bitcoin Club, the State of Georgia, and Nick Kraus’s resume. She’s very excited to bring a fresh perspective to the class presidency!

Ultimately, we’re four students who are stoked about making senior year the best it can be for all of us. Give us this chance, and we guarantee we won’t let you down. We will do all we can to Stand For U, and make you proud.

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