SophServe (Rising Sophomores Class President slate)

Jonah Glick-Unterman
Izzy Angus
Will Kenney
Mo Asebiomo
Slate statement


Hey, Class of 2020! We’re Mo, Will, Jonah, and Izzy: four ‘20s in the running to be your sophomore class presidents! In these past few months of treedom, we’ve lived, loved, and learned. We’ve grown. We’ve struggled. We’ve made lifelong friends and unforgettable memories. We’re running to represent this class because we love the Class of 2020, and we want to do everything in our power to make YOUR Stanford experience the best it can be.

Here’s what we’ve planned for our Soph Serve CONE:


The dorm environment has been an integral part of our college experience thus far, and we know first-hand how scary it can feel to think about leaving such a tight-knit family next year. Together, we can work to stop the sophomore slump and stay actively connected with our different communities on campus:

  • Organizing dorm reunions where you’ll have the chance to reconnect with some of your closest friends after summer and start the year off right.
  • Developing other class-wide events that emulate the togetherness (and just plain fun) of freshman year: A water balloon fight on Meyer Green! Class tailgates! Sophomore formal on a boat! A Chopped competition featuring the foodies of the sophomore class!


At times, it can feel overwhelming just the sheer number of opportunities there are on campus (any Stanford email inbox is perfect evidence). We want to help everyone in the Class of 2020 navigate the vast sea of available resources, activities, and communities to make the most informed choices for themselves:

  • Sponsoring a peer advising program that would connect interested sophomores to upperclassman mentors based on shared interests that go beyond just a common major.
  • Partnering with Student Activities and Leadership to put on a student leadership bootcamp for all the sophomores who will be taking more active roles in their on-campus organizations next year.


Sophomore year is a unique time when students vary widely in their level of academic and professional certainty: some have been positive about their career plans since frosh fall and others are still deeply undecided. We acknowledge this diversity and seek to assist all members of the sophomore class in feeling confident about their futures, whatever they may entail:

  • Working with BEAM to designate a formal Sophomore Career Coach position for one of their staff members. This advisor will hold workshops/office hours specifically catered to the needs of sophomores.
  • Sponsoring a pop-up Designing Your Stanford workshop exclusively for sophomores.


Though it’s important that we stay connected with all the wonderful aspects of our freshman year, we shouldn’t assume that anything about our college experience—friend groups, clubs, courses of study—is set in stone. Let’s keep uncovering all the new and exciting opportunities the university has to offer:

  • Hosting a sophomore clubs panel to replicate the exposure students get to different extracurriculars at the biannual activity fairs, but in a lower-key setting.
  • Matching up individual students or friend groups for “platonic blind dates”—giving people the chance to connect with peers they otherwise wouldn’t have met on campus. Class presidents of years past have organized different variations on this initiative before, and they’ve been very successful!

To sum it up: Sophomore year does not necessarily guarantee the sophomore slump. We have the unique opportunity to engage new challenges, explore new communities, and experience Stanford in a whole new way—not just as the new kids on campus. Our team is dedicated to making this transition from freshmen to upperclassmen as fruitful as possible, and we hope you’ll join us on our mission.

TL;DR: For Stanford. For sophomores. For you. Vote Soph Serve.

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