Your SophFour (Rising Sophomores Class President slate)

Disha Dasgupta
Martin Alcaraz Jr.
Zach Kirk
Julie Fukunaga
Slate statement

Your Soph-Four:

Live More, Laugh More, Sophomore

Hey Stanford Class of 2020! We hope that you are all excited for spring quarter just as much as we are! Dang, we are almost done with our first year and are soon going to be sophomores. We (Zach, Julie, Disha, and Martin, pictured top to bottom) are running to be your Sophomore Class Presidents!

As students, we each feel that we represent different aspects of the Stanford community. As Sophomore class presidents, we each feel that we will be a good contribution to student government because of our diverse and unique backgrounds. Though we don't represent everyone, the key thing about all of us is that we are listeners and doers - so do not be afraid to reach out to us as we do have open ears.

Let’s get to the point: we hate being stressed; you hate being stressed; so why do we stress? Let’s combat this and additionally try to minimize mental health problems here at Stanford. Let’s also get more social with one another (not just 2020s, but also with 2021s - oh my, we aren’t going to be first years anymore - and 2018s/2019s next year).

We are so excited for the upcoming year! We have some fun ideas and events in mind, including:

Movie Under the Stars

Imagine it is fall quarter and we are all back on campus – all your friends are here; the quarter is still light as classes are barely beginning to pick up pace. Now look back at freshman year and remember during NSO when we had the huge event at Stanford Football Stadium where we watched a football game as the Class of 2020. Nice memories and nice pictures. We are trying to recreate this for sophomores – but it wouldn’t be during NSO or even that early.

We are thinking of having a night where we all camp out at night in Stanford Football Stadium and watch a movie (if not various movies together). We would have tents, we would have pizza, popcorn, candy, etc. and we would have each other. Just imagine that!

Food Trucks on the Oval

I know all of us LOVE food, and we hope that the class of 2020 does too! Another idea that we have is to have food trucks on the Oval once a quarter. Just imagine the Oval being full of food trucks, which would most likely be subsidized, and you having the option of being able to get kettle corn, a burger, etc.

First Fridays

Another event that we have in mind is having First Fridays – which would be huge fun events the first Friday of every month. There would be music, art displays, and talent from Stanford students so that we can celebrate our creativity and expression. There would be food and dancing so that we could all relax and have some fun.

While part of college is about having a good time, we also want to focus on things that will help us grow as students. Key components include combating the Sophomore Slump, recognizing how to bounce back, etc. We plan to tackle these issues with events like:


Usually Sophomores are thrown into Sophomore year expecting to have mastered the ins and outs of Stanford, but that isn’t the case as many of us are still getting into the routine and learning to slay – and finesse – Stanford. We want to create a Pseudo-NSO, maybe about half a day long, where we:

a. Bring a speaker, either professional or alumnus, to talk about time management and juggling your personal life with your academic life, as many of us will start taking technical, if not harder, classes b. A lunch on the Green where we all allowed to mingle and catch up with each other c. 2020 Sophomore Merch giveaway to all so that we can get that Sophomore pride going

Undeclared/Undecided Day

Oftentimes Sophomores feel that they must declare a major because everyone around them is declaring and this can be stressful. We know that some people still do not know what they are interested in studying and we want to recognize that this is okay. We want to dedicate a whole day to people who are Undecided or Undeclared. This would be done in White Memorial Plaza and we would invite people who still don’t know what they are studying to be celebrated – either with food, a dance, photos, and merchandise.

Disclaimer: Sophomores who declare are already celebrated, we are not forgetting about them. We are only recognizing those who are not.

“Stanford, I F*cked Up” Panel

Many of us worry about grades. We often stress when we notice that our grades are not up to par with what they can be. Though not spoken of, many of us end up getting Cs in some courses or withdrawing from others. When this happens, it seems like the end of the world – like medical school is no longer reachable, like graduate school is no longer an option, etc. We want to bring a panel to Stanford, of alumni, who withdrew from or got a C in a course(s) and were still able to make it BIG. We want to do this to show each other that grades are not everything and that if Stanford alumni were able to become successful doctors, lawyers, people in the world with such dilemmas then you can too!

Thank you for reading our platform! We wanted to let you know that this platform is flexible based on what YOU, the Class of 2020, want. At the end of the day, we are here to serve you. Remember: Vote for Your Soph-Four!

TL;DR: Your Soph-Four: Live More, Laugh More, Sophomore. Fostering community one day at a time.

If you have any questions feel free to email or message any of us:





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