Student Organizing Committee for the Arts (SOCA) (Annual Grant and Special Fee Group)

Special Fee type Undergraduate Annual Grant
Total request amount $48,000.00
Previous Special Fee amount $54,000.00
Change from previous request -11%
Amount per Undergrad $6.88 per year
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Special Fee request sponsor
Maia Miller,

Group statement

Student Organizing Committee for the Arts (SOCA) serves to fuel and maintain the student arts culture and community at Stanford. We do this through:

Visual Arts Grants

SOCA's primary expense is in the quarterly Visual Arts Grants. These grants provide funding and gallery spaces for independent student artists who want to create personal projects. These projects are then later showcased in one of our many events (such as Winter Arts Party, held this quarter).

Arts-Related Events

SOCA hosts multiple arts-related events per quarter. This includes a quarterly Open Mic Night, which showcases student performance art including music, poetry, stand-up comedy, and improvisation; and events like Winter Arts Party that provide gallery spaces for Student Arts Grant recipients and performance opportunities for musicians. These events bring various parts of the arts community together to celebrate and appreciate student works and performances.

Special Projects

SOCA is expanding beyond grants and events to begin its own set of special arts-related projects. This year, SOCA is bringing back the Stanford Soundtrack, a curated album of original student music to be released in Spring Quarter. As a part of this project, SOCA provided free recording time with a professional mixer and producer, so as to ensure that the music is of the highest quality. The Stanford Soundtrack will be released next quarter during an album release party, which will also provide opportunities for selected performers to share their music with the rest of the Stanford community.


In addition to its own projects and grants, SOCA teams up with other organizations - such as Stanford Concert Network and the Institute for Diversity in the Arts - to bring in other arts-related events and programs to the Stanford community. These co-sponsorships include providing funding to Frost Art, a set of student-created installations for the Frost Music and Arts Festival. SOCA aims to develop new partnerships with arts-related organizations in order to continue to grow the student arts culture at Stanford.

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Why are we seeking a funding increase?

SOCA underwent a significant change of staff and programming this past year in order to extend its reach and cater to diverse student interests in the arts. As such, SOCA plans to continue expanding its events and special projects to be a more integral foundation to the student arts community at Stanford. This includes:

In order to continue our active involvement and dedication to the student arts community, we need the support of a more robust Annual Grant.

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