Slate Farm (Rising Juniors Class President slate)

Tashrima Hossain
Ariel Yu
Nick Pena
Caroline Willis
Tony Moller
Aron Tesfai
Slate statement

Slate Farm is bringing FARM back to the Farm...

F: Fun on the Farm

Junior year is crucial to our personal development, both as students and as young professionals. Through stressful career searches, staffing, studying abroad, or heavy academic workloads, it’s easy to forget the importance of balancing self-care and fun. Whether it’s the tradition-laden Full Moon on the Quad or puppies to supplement your finals week, fear not, Slate Farm has got your back!

A: Alliance with the Student Body

As representatives of the class of 2019, we strive to embody the values, interests, and unique backgrounds of Stanford juniors. With open office hours, we want to hear your perspectives and see how to best serve you. Our focus is the student body and hearing what you want from your junior year, whether that’s support for your organizations, more avenues to meet new people, or a larger emphasis on self-care. By hosting alumni events, we plan to connect you with people who have stood in your place before -- and have come out stronger because of it.

R: Representing Diversity and Service

We believe every Stanford class is unique and diverse, and our class is no exception. As Class Presidents, we hope to hold several different events which will allow us to celebrate and emphasize this diversity. A few ideas we have to engage with various campus communities: Beyond the Line, Humans of 2019, Faces of 2019, and more. We hope to strengthen empathy and add to the perspectives that we all hold. In addition to representing diversity, our class also represents service – an invaluable way to not only give back to our community, but to come together and bond as a class. We have many service-oriented programming ideas, such as Junior Class Day at the Farm and Challah for Hunger. Through our emphasis on diversity and service, we hope to help juniors across the Farm become the good neighbors we all want to be.

M: Meeting 2019

Although this is our third year on the Farm, there are still so many members of our class that we have yet to meet. We hope to sponsor events that give each of you the opportunity to continue meeting the Class of 2019. Through Philz speed dating, dorm reunions, a junior formal, and other special events throughout the year, we will both connect and reconnect you with the incredible people of our class. We want to go into senior year with a strong community and lifelong friendships.

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