Stanford in Government (Annual Grant and Special Fee Group)

Special Fee type Undergraduate Annual Grant
Total request amount $37,360.00
Previous Special Fee amount $27,980.00
Change from previous request 34%
Amount per Undergrad $5.35 per year
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Special Fee request sponsor
Sam Kurland,

Group statement

Stanford in Government (SIG) engages the Stanford community with policy as public service. As a nonpartisan, student-led affiliate of the Haas Center for Public Service, we welcome members of all political affiliations. We organize events around a broad range of topics, and are committed to engaging with diverse perspectives about important policy issues. We offer policy internships in a variety of disciplines in locations around the world.

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We seek to inspire institutional reform as a tool for public benefit by:

Events with Political Leaders and Policy Professionals

SIG hosts multiple policy events per week, on a variety of subjects! In the past year, our guests have included several Members of Congress, former New York Times national political correspondent Adam Nagourney, and former Speaker of the House John Boehner. In recent years we've also hosted Senator Diane Feinstein, Senator Ron Wyden, General David Petraeus, Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan, Vice President Al Gore and U.S. Ambassador Deborah Jones, and many more.

We also host a wide variety of smaller events, including conversations with Stanford professors and informal discussions between students. To learn more about these events, we hope you'll consider joining our mailing list.

Fully-Funded Summer Opportunities

In addition to public events, we offer more than 80 fully-funded opportunities for summer work in public policy. Of these opportunities, 52 are pre-arranged placements with local, state, federal and international policymaking institutions. Offices include the San Francisco District Attorney, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, and the Department of Health and Human Services. Approximately 30 more students are funded through our SIG stipends program, which gives financial support to students with self-arranged internships in public policy who would otherwise be unpaid for their summer work.

Voter Registration

SIG’s primary civic engagement initiative is voter registration. This fall, SIG and other campus partners registered more than 1900 students in advance of the November election. SIG helped students request absentee ballots and update the addresses on their voter registration file. We also register voters at local high schools and the Veterans Hospital in Palo Alto.

Why are we seeking a funding increase?

While this year's request is higher than last year's request, it is less than SIG's request in most other recent years. For example, in 2014-2015, our funding request for $37,655 was approved by more than 80% of voters.

Demand for SIG's events and opportunities has never been higher. So far this year:

To continue to fulfill our mission of engaging all members of the Stanford community with policy as public service, we need the support of a robust Annual Grant.

Thank you for your support!

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