Sam Baucom (Undergraduate Senate candidate)

Candidate statement

Hello fellow trees! My name is Sam Baucom and I am a freshman Political Science major living in FloMo. I am running for our Undergraduate Senate because I believe in the mission of ASSU, I want to address pressing issues that are often overlooked, and because through the Undergraduate Senate I can affect meaningful change that will be great for the Stanford community.

I believe that to have a successful Undergraduate Senate we must have leaders that are not simply idealists, but also pragmatic in their approach to governing so that we can build trust in ASSU and its bodies while simultaneously accomplishing tangible things on behalf of the student body. To this end, I encourage everyone to challenge those of us that are running by asking us what our stances on the issues are and by pitching ideas that YOU find important. If you have any ideas on how I can make Stanford a better campus please send me an email!

My Goals

1. Combating Sexual violence and harassment and empowering survivors of such violence

a. I think that fighting sexual violence and harassment is one of the most important things that we can all do. As a Senator I would try and give a voice to those who have faced sexual violence by building funds for economically disadvantage victims to be able to pay for legal, psychiatric, or any other help that they may need. In my senior year in High School I had the opportunity of working on a subcommittee of our Student Government which focused on peer counseling to victims of sexual harassment; It was truly a transformative experience and I hope I can continue fighting on behalf of any victims here at Stanford.

b. Additionally, I think that it’s important to have honest conversations about rape culture on college campuses and to call it out for what it is. We all need to help fight sexual violence on campus and I believe that we can do more than just offer words of condolences to victims. I want to work with the student body, fellow senators and the administration to help fight sexual assault and harassment here at Stanford and give it the serious attention that it deserves.

2. Fighting for equality and inclusivity for all students

a. I think that it is important to build a campus culture that is supportive of all students regardless of race, sex, religion, income, sexual orientation, origins, disabilities, or political preferences. I think that too often Students feel isolated at Stanford. As a First-Generation minority student here at Stanford, I often feel the same pressures that many other students with similar backgrounds feel. It is incumbent upon Senators to help create an inclusive environment for all students. Unfortunately, admissions is only the first of many hurdles for some students, but I believe that I can play a role in making Stanford an institution where all Students can thrive.

3. Helping facilitate inter-dorm community

a. When speaking with fellow students, I have repeatedly heard that students want dorms to be more connected with other dorms. We have great dorm communities but because of reasons like campus size and the distribution of the dorms, students often feel like they are not connected with other dorms. We are some of our greatest resources here at Stanford and I want to make sure that we can all, not only resources for each other, but also friends to one another. To this end I want to support the organization of events that can bring dorms together.

If elected, I will be a great Senator because I will be effective in representing the student body and working for real change. I spent 2 summers in High School volunteering in my hometown's Mayors office and district committees. My understanding of student service, my past record of public service, and my chosen major all reaffirm my seriousness about serviing and if you elect me Senator, I assure you that ASSU and serving the Stanford community will remain my top priority.

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