Samantha Feuer (Undergraduate Senate candidate)

Candidate statement


Hi! My name is Samantha Victoria Feuer. I am a freshman running for ASSU Undergraduate Senate. I want to serve on Senate because I care deeply about the Stanford community and believe in the power the Senate in representing the voices of our undergraduate community. Below are some initiatives I wish to advocate for.


  • Encourage greater communication between student groups in order to tackle intolerance in solidarity.

  • Increase funding for groups that support and promote the various diverse communities on campus.

  • Increase representation amongst Stanford faculty and councillors that serve within student services.

  • Foster a greater relationship between Senate and the Stanford Community so that more voices can be heard.


  • Improve student access to sexual health services in a way that supports students' needs not protocol.

  • Increase the time allocated for free legal counselling to students involved in sexual assault cases.

  • Continue strides already made to ensure that hygiene products are available in bathrooms campus-wide.

  • Increase CAPS funding to reduce the wait time for appointments.


  • Organising a quarterly competition amongst residential dining halls. The hall that produces the least food waste will be rewarded with a special event.

  • Increase education about sustainability efforts on campus; focusing on ways that students can make daily changes.

  • Support efforts for food recovery and donation.

If given the opportunity, I promise to support and represent the Stanford Community to the best of my ability. So please vote for Samantha Victoria Feuer for Undergraduate Senate. Thank you!

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