Shawn Ahdout (Undergraduate Senate candidate)

Candidate statement

Far too often in the education system, there is a disconnect between the wishes and concerns of the students and the actions of the administrators. As the largest stakeholders in the education system, students deserve to have their voices heard and the Senate is the best way to help bridge that gap at Stanford.

As a Senator, I would have two main goals and work with the administration to maintain these goals:

Ensure that every student on campus feels safe and secure. This has become especially pressing during the rise of intolerance and bigotry we have seen across this nation in recent months and it is vital that every student on campus feels safe on campus.

Ensure that every student has the financial resources to thrive on campus. There are costs that extend further than just tuition, room, and board, and it is important that our lower-income students have all needs met financially.

I have experience working on these issues. In high school, I worked with the California legislature to sign two pieces of legislation that addressed the disconnect between students and administration (SB 532 and AB 1204) and additionally, worked with the California Department of Education to reform the California public school accountability system.

If elected, I would extend these experiences and the skills I’ve gained through my previous work to do everything possible to promote my goals and I hope to have your vote.

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