Gabe Rosen (Undergraduate Senate candidate)

Candidate statement

I'm a current ASSU Senator (the one mentioned here) running for re-election. I'm running for re-election because I know there is still work to be done addressing systemic issues on campus. During my past term I authored and passed the Full House Fund, supported the Senate and Exec's joint initiative to adopt Callisto, and helped run the Senate's appropriations process. Next term I hope to continue my work advocating for concrete reforms that improve quality of life on campus by spearheading course fee reductions and facilitating dialogue between communities affected by a national uptick of bigotry and hate crimes.

After serving a year on the Undergraduate Senate, as Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee and a member of both the Appropriations and Administration & Rules Committees, I have the experience needed to govern effectively and know what the Senate is capable of accomplishing. I hope to continue putting this knowledge to work on behalf of the Stanford community.

I believe that the ASSU should continue to address sexual assault, equality of access issues for low-income students, and supporting all groups affected by the bigotry unleashed by the current presidential administration. To address the first issue, I will continue to hold the Stanford administration accountable for its Title IX process and will help facilitate dialogue between all the stakeholders involved. Through such efforts I will help lead the ASSU's efforts to empower sexual assault survivors. For the second issue, I will expand on my work passing the Full House Fund with the passage of another related initiative, potentially using the senate's reserves coupled with administration partnerships, to reduce/eliminate course fees, for classes that have them, which disproportionately hinder access to opportunities on campus for first generation, low income students. For the third issue, I will call on my fellow Senators to attend events of various religious and cultural groups on campus and try to organize inter-faith and inter-cultural forums where a culture of respect can be cultivated.

I also believe that the ASSU can be most improved in its overall communications with, and responsiveness to, the student body as a whole as well as in its handling of annual grants appropriations requests. I would strongly advocate for the creation of a web platform where students can provide their own suggestions and input on Senate initiatives, as well as provide a live stream for senate meetings to encourage transparency. Additionally, I will do my best to ensure that the appropriations committee is held accountable to its funding guidelines, which must be crafted with ample public notice. It is vital that Senators provide detailed reasoning to groups when making appropriations decisions and work with the groups in question to find other funding alternatives if possible. On a similar note, I hope to promote sustainability on campus by reforming the senate appropriations process, through bylaws amendments, to take considerations of an event's environmental impact into account when funding applications are deliberated on.

Remember to vote April 13th-14th, thanks for your support!

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