Gabe Rosen (Undergraduate Senate candidate)

Candidate statement

Endorsed by: FLIP and The Stanford Daily

I'm a current ASSU Senator (the one mentioned here) running for a third term. I'm running for re-election because I know there is still work to be done addressing systemic issues on campus.

During my first term I authored and passed the Full House Fund, supported the Senate and ASAP's joint efforts regarding Title IX, and co-sponsored a resolution against Islamophobia, among other initiatives such as supporting transparency reforms.

During my most recent term I oversaw the implementation of Funding Reform as Chair of the Appropriations Committee, ensuring that our funding decisions are more transparent and equitable while remaining within budget. My committee has also recently incorporated environmental sustainability as a criteria in funding processes, drawing on the Office of Sustainability's Green Events Checklist. I also voted in favor of the reconstitution of the ASSU Joint Legislative Committee on Sexual Violence, supported the passage of a resolution in support of professional development opportunities for campus service workers, and helped in the drafting and passage of a resolution condemning those who help facilitate the spread of bigotry against marginalized communities on campus and beyond.

I plan to continue advocating for concrete reforms that improve quality of life on campus by spearheading course fee reductions, facilitating dialogue between communities affected by a national uptick of bigotry and hate crimes, supporting the rights of campus service workers, pushing for the development of a Disabilities Studies program at Stanford in line with the Senate's recent support for such efforts, and calling on Stanford to implement the AAU Campus Climate Survey.

After serving two years on the Undergraduate Senate, as Chair of the Appropriations Committee and as Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee, I have the experience needed to govern effectively and know what the Senate is capable of accomplishing. I hope to continue putting this knowledge to work on behalf of the Stanford community.

Thanks for your support!

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