Michal Skreta (Undergraduate Senate candidate)

Candidate statement

Polish the Senate!

Endorsed by The Stanford Daily

Access to university resources should be as simple as possible. Let's make it a reality.

Through my involvement in Frosh Council and the ASSU as a Senate Associate, I learned about the minutiae of university operations. Whether I was discussing the prospects for need-blind admissions for international students with university leaders, examining the UAR's progress on revamping the PMA program on the Senate Academic Affairs Committee or benchmarking the transparency of Stanford investments, I understood how to initiate change in a quick and comprehensive manner.

What will I advocate for if I am elected?

• Establishing need-blind financial aid for international students

• Streamlining the funding process for student groups

• Abolishing printing fees

• Eliminating additional course fees

• Expanding accessibility on campus for people with disabilities

• Making the information about the university's operations more accessible

• Increasing transparency of Stanford's investments

• Subsidizing airport rides for low-income students

• Expanding the available meal plan options

• Making university gyms open for 24 hours a day

Questions? michal.skreta@stanford.edu!

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