Michael Marsh (Undergraduate Senate candidate)

Candidate statement

How do all students not have an equal opportunity at Stanford, when they supposedly attend one of the best universities in the world?

Why does Stanford claim to benefit both its own community and the world around them, but cause social injury through their investments?

I came to Stanford thinking the opposites of these realities were true. As a result, I became to think of Stanford as paradise. However, I soon learned that not everyone felt the same way about Stanford and it is partly due to existing institutional problems. Because of this, I decided to run for ASSU Senate and help attack these problems head on.

My platform is split into two areas: Intracommunity and Intercommunity Policy

Intracommunity Policy

I will work to…

-Pass a joint resolution with the graduate student council in order to pressure the faculty to increase CAPS funding and diversity

-Increase funding to and knowledge of community centers (including the creation of a Disabled Students Community Center)

-Revive the fight to redo the Campus Climate Survey

-Foster an equally accessible marketplace of ideas on campus that upholds the principle of free speech

-Pass a constitutional amendment to overturn the recent Constitutional Council ruling in favor of KZSU/LSJUMB vs. ASSU

-Host Town Hall-like events at least once per quarter for students to express concerns about the community

-Ensure that senate agendas and recordings are easily accessible to all students

Intercommunity Policy

-During my term as a senator, I plan to endlessly work with Fossil Free Stanford and SU Prison Divest to achieve Stanford’s complete divestment from Private Prisons and Fossil Fuels

Other Positions

-Stanford Sanctuary Now: Yes

-Renaming buildings honoring Junipero Serra : Yes

-Food and Housing for students who stay over Winter and Spring Break: Yes

Together, these policy positions combine to create the idea of a more accessible, less harmful Stanford. My campaign can be summed up to one true goal, making Stanford as beneficial of a home as possible for everyone.

A Vote for Michael Marsh is a vote for a campus that benefits YOU.

For more information: Please visit stanford.edu/marsh-for-senate

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