Melissa Loupeda (Undergraduate Senate candidate)

Candidate statement
               Endorsed by SOCC (Students of Color Coalition), FLIP (First gen low income partnership) & The Stanford Daily

                                     "Increasing accessibility through efficiency"

What are you voting for when you support me?

  • A Plan:

Lobbying the Vice Provost Office to Decrease the Volatility of Community Center Funding:
Community Center Funding is the responsibility of the Vice Provost Office and is currently treated discretionarily. I am committed to rallying students and pressuring the administration into allocating funds sustainably.

Facilitating the Potential Transition from Use of the Campus Climate Survey to a more Data-Driven Method: Stanford may replace the Campus Climate Survey with a more comprehensive survey called the AAU next year. This is the ideal time to pressure the administration into asking questions that will allow more data to be gathered -- especially regarding the unique ways in which sexual assault impacts queer communities and communities of color so that targeted programming and support systems can be developed.

Streamlining funding pools: The ASSU, Vice Provost Office, and University donors support student groups in different capacities. The rules governing the contributions of each are inconsistent with one another. I aim to lay the groundwork so that in the future funding processes are standardized so that the aid Stanford can offer is more readily available and visible.

Advocating for Dedicated FLI & Disabilities Student Centers

Encouraging Professors to Indicate Financial Aid Accessibility for their Class

Identifying What Has Prevented Greater Accessibility to Dining for Religious Communities in order to Create a Phase-In Plan

  • Experience:

Member of Stanford Women in Politics

Shadowed Current Senators in Appropriations and Communication Committees

Developed Math Intervention Series Combatting Stereotyping in STEM with Vice Provost Office and Math Dept.

  • Advocacy: Panelist at Free Speech Debate & Student Speaker at Stanford Women's March

With your vote, Senate will be "Betta' with Loupeda / IN ASSOCIATION WITH THE "FAM" COALITION

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