Means/Lozano (Executive slate)

Sean Means
Pablo Lozano
Slate statement

We are running for Exec with Community and Progress at the forefront of our minds and at the center of our efforts. We understand Stanford students are a diverse set of people, yet we are all bound together by our affiliation to Stanford. We come from different communities and different student groups but are goals are the same, to make Stanford a better place for all. Pablo and I love the opportunities that Stanford has given us, but we know there are still issues around diversity, class, inclusivity, and in general both physical and mental safety and care on this campus that need to be addressed. We hope to work with and for the student body to make Stanford better.

Sexual Assault and Gender Based Issues

We know that the issues of sexual and gender based violence are nuanced issues that cannot be solved overnight, but we believe through education, advocacy, and partnerships with students and administration, Stanford can make greater strides in solving these issues. A few of our goals are listed below.

•Tackle the Title IX adjudication process, making the process clearer, increasing resources and accommodations, and creating effective support systems for all involved

•Continue and improve educational programs like SAVE and Beyond Sex Ed with greater outreach to Upperclassmen and Grad students who have not been as heavily focused

•Increase resources and informational efforts targeted at Grad students and their options with regards to interpersonal and gender based violence

•Increase faculty awareness around varying gender and sexual identities and how to engage with issues of sexual and gender based violence in the sense of supporting survivors

•Create more healing and trauma informed spaces for survivors examples of which are healing yoga and group therapy currently offered by the SARA office

Understanding that these issues take on different shapes and vary in occurrence by community, we hope to get community engagement and feedback on the current processes and how they can better reflect community needs and standards.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Stanford can be a pressure cooker and we think all students could use some more support. We with the help of our team and organizations already in place, hope to work to destigmatize mental health and to make more resources available.

•Increase funding for CAPS to support both the Grad and Undergrad population with a diverse set of practitioners

•Increase CAPS open office hours and advertisement around the resource with expansion of program to Graduate oriented places like the Graduate Community Center

•Work with student groups like Mental Health and Wellbeing Coalition to put on more wellness programing and in dorm education

•Increase number of appointments students are allowed to have with a CAPS professional

•Create space for conversations around mental health and everyday struggles and effective coping mechanisms

Grad Related Issues

Execs are to represent the entire ASSU both Undergrad and Grad. We hope to build relationships with the Graduate Student Council and the grad population as a whole to advocate for issues that affect a sizeable and necessary portion of Stanford. While there are some overlap issues like mental health, there are also individual Grad issues. Some of the initiatives are below.

•Address lack of housing for Grad students, especially for Master’s students, and assessing the affordability and efficiency of current and future housing projects along with accommodations and resources for students not allowed to live on campus like the GO Passes

•Increase informational and resource outreach to Grad Students from Stanford resources like CAPS, SARA Office, Confidential Support Team, etc.

•Pushing the administration and departments for more affordable health insurance for Grad and Undergrad students along with the families of these students, including parental leave, mental health, along with more options in service providers

•Working with Grad students and academic departments to create a fair and equitable pay system for all Grads serving in TA positions and Research positions, especially over the summer

We understand the Grad population has more issues than the ones we have listed, and we hope to take feedback and learn more about Grad needs. We hope that together we can make progress on some of these issues and lay the foundation for a continued, increase in Grad involvement throughout the ASSU.

Help Us Support You

We know that as Exec we will not be able to solve all the problems that ail Stanford and the ASSU, but we hope to lessen the weight that students carry. We are not here to make false promises nor to reinvent the wheel; we want to collaboratively build off of the work and initiatives started by former Execs and student leaders of all kinds. We are trying to be on the ballot because we truly believe we can continue the progress of others and make all our dreams of a better Stanford, a reality.

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