Lizzie Ford (Undergraduate Senate candidate)

Candidate statement

Hi everyone! My name is Lizzie Ford and I am a freshman living in Soto. It is because of my unwavering dedication to low-income and first generation students, students of color, immigrants, and female-identifying students and faculty among other communities that I am so excited to become a candidate for Senate. I am running for office first and foremost to become a member of Senate and a voice for these communities, but also to raise awareness about issues that profoundly affect members of the Stanford family. With this goal in mind, I have spoken to student groups and current senators to understand what changes need to be made in order to make Stanford a more accessible, diverse, and welcoming place for all its students, professors, and workers.

Here is my policy plan:

1. Improve Access for First-Gen and Low-Income Students:

  • Expand the “Full House Fund” that was approved by this year’s Senate.
  • This year, a majority of the funding has come mainly out of the Senate’s programming reserve fund, meaning that the program’s continuation is not guaranteed.
  • After finding an alternate source of funding for the Full House Fund through the Appropriations Committee and in meetings with the administration, I hope to expand the coverage of the Full House Fund to classes that require fees, such as music classes, and work with FLIP (First-Gen Low Income Partnership) to increase awareness of the program among the FLI (First-Gen Low Income) community.

2. Increase Diversity Among Stanford Faculty Members:

  • According to Stanford’s “Report on the Faculty” from 2015, there are currently 594 female-identifying faculty members compared to 1,559 male-identifying faculty members.
  • Of the entire faculty, 17% are Asian, 4% are Latin@, and 2% are African-American identifying.
  • On Senate, I hope to reform the Nominations Commission, a group of students who advise Stanford on the hiring of administrators, creation of classes such as Thinking Matters, and other important aspects of student life.
  • The Nominations Commission should play an active role in advising on the hiring of not only administrators but also professors and other faculty members. Such an advisory committee should include a diverse selection of students from each academic department as only students within a certain major or focus can articulate what the department is missing.

3. Support the Immigrant Community at Stanford:

  • Because of President Marc Tessier-Lavigne’s decision against naming Stanford a sanctuary campus , I am communicating with Stanford Sanctuary Now in order to better understand how their demands can adapt to the President’s announcement while continuing the fight to become a sanctuary campus.
  • Now we must focus on spreading awareness of and continuing to fund the free legal counsel in Old Union, acknowledging Stanford’s responsibility to the 180,000 immigrants in Santa Clara by hosting presentations and clinics, and initiating some variation of “A Day Without an Immigrant” during which students could be reminded of how immigrants play active roles in their lives.

4. Continue to Educate About, Prevent, and Address Sexual Violence:

  • On Senate, I will focus on building upon the work of the previous Senate to ensure Callisto gets implemented and that the ASSU is updated on how the platform is (or isn't) meeting needs of survivors.
  • I will continue Exec’s work to improve (a website with resources for sexual violence survivors), work with administration to ensure mandatory trainings are implemented for each class year, and meet with the NomCom advisory committee to address Title IX processes and definitions of sexual assault as it differs from sexual misconduct.
  • I will become a part of the joint legislative committee on sexual violence to learn more about preventative efforts and how to support survivors on campus.

Please email me ( with any questions/comments you may have or issues important to you that you think should become a part of the conversation. Thanks so much for reading!

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