Lauren Nolen (Undergraduate Senate candidate)

Candidate statement

Hi everyone! I’m Lauren Nolen and I’m running for ASSU Senate because I want to elevate the voices and concerns of undergraduate students and marginalized communities in forming campus policies. More info is coming soon, and please contact me at with questions, comments, and ideas!

I believe the Senate can more effectively represent the student body if we increase the amount of communication between senators and their constituents.

This means holding Town Halls so that the student body can make sure their concerns are being heard in real-time instead of every election cycle.

This means senators produce monthly updates (through electronic means) for students about what we’ve achieved and what we have yet to accomplish.

I believe the actions and advocacy of the Senate will hold greater weight with the administration if they’re backed up by consistent dialogue with students.

In addition to Senate communication, here are some of the issues I care about (and will fight for as your Senator):

Increasing funding for community centers.

Clear, transparent, and fair funding practices so students know exactly where their money is going and why

Fighting for Stanford’s use of the AAU Sexual Assault Survey (a national comparable survey as opposed to a Stanford-specific, non-comparable one

Putting on the pressure for Stanford to divest from fossil fuel companies

Making it easier for students to know which administrators are in charge of different campus initiatives, so we can contact the right person about the issues that matter most.

Advocating for students with disabilities

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