KZSU Stanford (Annual Grant and Special Fee Group)

Special Fee type Undergraduate Annual Grant
Total request amount $108,429.05
Previous Special Fee amount $103,279.05
Change from previous request 5%
Amount per Undergrad $15.54 per year
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Special Fee request sponsor
Angela Luo,

Group statement

KZSU Stanford

We are your campus radio station, supporting music lovers, newscasters, and student athletes.

We are KZSU Stanford, FM 90.1, your campus radio station. We have over 60 DJs a quarter bringing all sorts of music, sports and news to Stanford and the surrounding community. Here are some reasons why KZSU might matter to you:

We broadcast Stanford Football, Men's and Women's Basketball, Baseball, Softball, and Men's and Women's Volleyball, often providing the only live broadcast of these sports that families and friends of our great student athletes can easily follow along to.

KZSU provides valuable news coverage, including being the driving force behind last year and this year's ASSU Senate candidates debate. We cover an eclectic array of topics including technology, architecture, science research done at Stanford, and much, much more.

KZSU prepares students for a career in broadcasting and media. KZSU alumni have gone on to be sportscasters and network news journalists.

We are Stanford's emergency broadcast station. In the event of a disaster, we will be a way for you to get updates on what is happening even if the internet and phone networks are down. We were ready for the 1989 earthquake and we will be ready for the next one too.

We are a place for dozens of Stanford students to come together and discuss and broadcast music. We also hold a weekly live music show, Wednesday Night Live, that allows Stanford artists and other local bands to reach a wider audience.

Interested in getting involved in KZSU? We are always looking for new DJs, news and sports casters. Email us at

KZSU strives to be frugal with student money. For example, we are only now replacing a phone system built in the 1960's out of then-obsolete equipment.

KZSU is dedicated to being frugal. We try to get at least 40 years of service from major station systems. That said, we are asking for a budget increase this year to catch up with deferred maintenance, cover more sports games, and pay our full time Chief Engineer a living wage. We have slashed publicity costs and eliminated officer salary costs from our budget this year as part of our commitment to being frugal. We are also working hard with Stanford Student Enterprises and other parties to increase our revenue in future years. However, these plans are too early in the works for us to rely on them for critical funding needs.

If you have questions about our budget or want to learn more about our impact, please email the Assistant General Manager, Caleb Smith, at Thank you for reading about KZSU.

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