Kimiko & Bryce for Exec (Executive slate)

Kimiko Estella Hirota
Bryce Tuttle
Slate statement

We’re Kimiko Hirota and Bryce Tuttle, and we are so excited to announce our run for ASSU Exec!

A bit about us--we are passionate advocates for a more inclusive Stanford that places student well-being and growth at the top of its priorities. We have been fighting for that vision for the last three years, securing $$$ for community centers and leading the effort for a permanent space for Stanford’s disability community. We have a proven track record of success. Check out our website for more.

Here are just a few of our top priorities:

Expanding and improving mental health services at Stanford is crucial to improving student life. This means ensuring CAPS counselors meet the needs of every member of our community, removing police involvement in response to mental health crises, and acknowledging the real causes of poor mental health on our campus.

We also aim to hold perpetrators of sexual violence and relationship abuse accountable by fully funding and staffing the Title IX Office, establishing a restorative justice framework within Stanford’s Confidential Support Team (CST), and disseminating the results of the 2019 Campus Climate Survey to the Stanford community in a transparent, timely manner. We will continuously fight against Betsy DeVos’s erosion of Title IX protections.

Fighting for disability equity across our campus is imperative. We support the establishment of a permanent Disability Community Center with accessible space and a full-time staff as well as mandatory ableism and accomodations process training for all faculty and TAs.

We strongly condemn bigotry on our campus and believe that the university’s process for handling intolerant acts must be more transparent and accessible. The burden must not be on students of color to fight against racism and hate at Stanford. Only by promoting healing and justice can we ensure our communities are heard and supported.

Stanford must make a strong commitment to housing affordability for its graduate student population. This means guaranteed housing for co-term and masters students for the length of their degree. In the face of the Bay Area housing crisis, Stanford must be held accountable and provide affordable housing for its workers. We will also fight to ensure all campus housing costs below 30% of income for PhD students, the threshold for affordable housing set forth by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Overall, we want to ensure Stanford treats its students with respect. Stanford must communicate honestly and openly with its students when administrators make mistakes and work to remedy them, rather than focusing on liabilities and funding this elite institution.

With your help, we believe we can make real change at this university. We deserve to study at an institution that respects and supports its students. Pushing for that ideal will always be our number one priority.

Thank you,

Kimiko Estella Hirota & Bryce Tuttle |