Khaled-Ocon (Executive slate)

Khaled Aounallah
Michael Ocon
Slate statement

Endorsed by the Students of Color Coalition, a coalition composed of the Asian American Student Association, Black Student Union, Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, Muslim Student Union, Stanford American Indian Association, and Stanford National Association for Advancement of Colored People

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Equip: students and community members with the resources to thrive at Stanford

Elevate: the voices of all students to advance the inclusivity, growth, and progress of the Cardinal community

Enhance: the college experience both academically and socially for all

Ensure: that efforts are taken to promote campus safety and address sexual assault

Mission Statement:

Our executive slate is a coalition of Graduate, Coterminal and Undergraduate students working to Elevate student voices, Enhance the college experience for all students, Ensure the safety of all, and Equip all students and community members with the necessary resources and support to thrive at Stanford. We bring to the table a strong track of leadership and we have partnered with students from the schools of Humanities & Sciences, Engineering, Earth and Medicine, in addition to the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Law School to build an inclusive coalition from all backgrounds, that would empower the entire student body in the following ways:


  • Equip community centers with the resources necessary to best support our communities
  • Advocate for sizable increases to all community center budgets
  • Advocate for the hiring of additional full-time professional staff in our centers to reflect the growing populations our community centers serve
  • Establish a sexual assault prevention training program for community center student staff so our centers have the resources to support survivors in our community
  • Continue the Community Center Staff Coalition to address concerns as they arise
  • Equip low-income and/or first-generation students to overcome financial barriers to being a student here
  • Abolish course fees
  • Institute a Bike Share program
  • Establish a food pantry that will solicit food donations from the entire Stanford community
  • Ensure low-income students part of greek life receive financial support to pay dues
  • Work with the Stanford Bookstore and Stanford Libraries to create open-source textbooks
  • Create a centralized meal swipe and cardinal dollar sharing program
  • Establish mandatory dorm conversations on class consciousness
  • Advocate for the establishment of a center or dorm for low-income and/or first-generation students
  • Work with CAPS to support the FLI Wellness program and create other avenues for promoting mental wellbeing in the FLI community
  • Work on housing insecurity during winter and spring break
  • Free shuttles to SFO and SJC for students leaving for break and coming back for the start of a new quarter


  • Elevate the voices of all students to advance the inclusivity, growth, and progress of the Cardinal community
  • Build a diverse cabinet of experienced leaders and activists
  • Promote diversity on university committees
  • Push the reworking of the Acts of Intolerance protocol to provide a platform for reporting and tracking microaggressions from faculty
  • Elevate students targeted by the national political climate
  • Advocate for concrete policies that protect DACA and undocumented students
  • Advocate for Sanctuary Campus Status
  • Advocate for increased financial support and mental health support for undocumented students
  • Advocate for need-blind admissions for international students
  • Push the Office of Community Standards to evaluate how sanctions might unreasonably harm international students already affected by the travel ban
  • Continue organizing with Stanford Against Islamophobia
  • Amplify and center the voices of LBTQ+ students
  • Elevate issues important to students
  • Partner with ongoing movements and campaigns to hold Stanford accountable
  • Support efforts to rename buildings, landmarks, and streets that honor Junipero Serra
  • Continue to represent student interest in the effort to draft new policies on divestment and ethical investment
  • Continue to organize in support of workers on campus
  • Support efforts to diversify our administration, staff, and faculty
  • Support anti-gentrification efforts
  • Advocate for housing for post-docs, workers, and their families and staff members


  • Enhance the college experience both academically and socially for all
  • Connect students who stay on campus during break to cut down on the isolation many feel
  • Work with ResEd to update dorm staff and RF training to include sensitivity awareness of undocumented students, classism, and racism
  • Advocate for an ACTUAL dead week
  • Make academic policies more accommodating for students dealing with a crisis
  • Advocate for the departmentalization of Ethnic Studies
  • Reform Engaging Diversity requirement to require diversity in the major
  • Advocate for a permanent community center for disabled students
  • Survey disabled students to identify gaps in institutional support
  • Enhance sustainability and green initiatives
  • Create more water fountains into water bottle refill stations
  • Promote sustainable electronic recycling mechanisms
  • Expand Sustainability Awareness programming in residence halls
  • Enhance student engagement with mental health
  • Continue to advocate for CAPS Reform:
  • Monitor the hiring of the CAPS director
  • Ensure CAPS hires a Native identifying and Muslim identifying counselor
  • Push Student Affairs and Vaden to allocate additional resources towards hiring more full-time clinicians to cut down wait times
  • Use a community feedback system to give students a platform to voice their concerns with CAPS as well as identify what CAPS is doing right
  • Expand the River Workshop program to all community centers
  • Rethink procedural measure that create obstacles
  • Advocate for free transportation to off-campus resources
  • Work with DGen and the financial aid office to establish clear avenues of financial support for students that cant afford long-term care
  • Put in place mental wellbeing programming the first and last week of all quarters
  • Work with community centers to craft community specific mental health awareness programming


  • Ensure efforts are taken to promote campus safety and support survivors of sexual violence
  • Advocate the implementation of the American Association of Universities Campus Climate Survey
  • Continue the Coalition on Sexual Violence
  • Connect CST and Title IX more closely to communities
  • Increased financial aid options and transportation options for long-term mental health care for survivors
  • Ensure the broader student body is invested in preventative measure to combat sexual assault
  • Establish a third party sober monitor program of trained student volunteers
  • Bring Upstander Training Programs to dorms
  • Promote awareness campaigns
  • Ensure everyone has a safe ride home
  • Advocate for a free Uber/Lyft pool program during peak nighttime hours
  • Ensure students are able to positively engage in sexual misconduct reporting
  • Advocate for Title IX reforms
  • Findings of guilt should be determined by a majority 2/3rd-panel vote as opposed to the unanimous standard currently used
  • All complainants, regardless of case outcome, should receive accommodations including counseling, housing, academic, and protective measures
  • Modify definition of sexual assault to include lack of affirmative consent
  • Afford students access to both a legal and emotional support person
  • Extend free legal aid hours and ensure survivors have access to lawyers experienced with representing survivors
  • Increase awareness of what actions are reportable offenses
  • Work to make access to an on-campus Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner a reality
  • Ensure that Stanford Public Safety and Stanford Police are held accountable to communities of color
  • Establish a Public Safety Community Review Board to address the concerns that students of color are hyper-policed
  • Use this board to develop community-based public safety initiatives
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