Khaled/Ocon (Executive slate)

Khaled Aounallah
Michael Ocon
Slate statement

We're not here to make vague promises! We're here to make real change! Content is what makes the difference.

We are running for ASSU Executive because we believe in the unlimited potential of the Stanford student body to effect meaningful and lasting change. Stanford, if it is to be a home to all, must ensure the safety of every single student, it must promote the validity and security of the many identities represented, and it must reflect, in its leadership and actions, the diversity that makes our student body the vibrant and indomitable culture it is. To this end, we formally submit our respective bids for election to the posts of ASSU President and ASSU Vice President.

What needs to be done:

As ASSU executive, we promise to:

  • Ensure ample funding for community centers and spaces.

  • Reform Stanford Student Title IX policies as they relate to hearing panels, support person, accommodations and representation to promote a just and equitable adjudication system that supports all parties involved.

  • Push for conversation regarding dead week policies (e.g. having assignments due the week before finals).

  • Promote more inclusivity of Graduate students in our social scene.

  • Echo the voice of the FLI community in our advocacy efforts.

  • Foster a campus climate that will facilitate transformative conversations surrounding ethnic, gender, religious, political, and socioeconomic identities.

  • Organize weekly meetings with the student body to keep students in the loop with our progress and initiatives.

  • Reinvestigate the Act of Intolerance, examining ways in which administration deals with hate crimes.

  • Demand the declaration of Stanford as a sanctuary campus and that administration adopts a non-collaboration policy with respect to immigration officials.

  • Discuss Stanford’s policy for responding to attempted suicides to draft reformed policies that are cognizant of the federal and state regulations that inform Stanford’s policy.

  • Support Stanford Immigrant’s Rights Clinic to ensure the efficient drafting of procedures undocumented students can follow in the event Immigration officials come on campus.

  • ...

More details are included in our platform provided on our website.

Why it needs to be done:

Over the past two years, we have witnessed a dramatic shift in the climate of the Stanford community in response to:

  • The hard alcohol ban enforced with the beginning of this academic year.

  • The lack of funding for community centers despite the exponential needs of the communities.

  • The Administration’s flawed reactions to different sexual assault & harassment incidents.

  • The exaggerated probations and suspensions on several Greek organizations.

  • Lack of inclusivity of Graduate students in Stanford’s social scene

  • Lack of conversation around socioeconomic, ethnic, and religious issues.

  • Lack of in-depth attention to student mental health needs.

  • Lack of communication between the student body, student government, and Stanford administration.

  • And so many more issues...

We believe that these unfortunate realities have negatively affected the overall on-campus climate. If we are to unify our communities and promote equity, prosperity, and resilience we must rally in opposition to the aforementioned institutional flaws that hinder us.

How it will be done:

With our multiple involvements and wide experience with leadership on campus, we believe we are in the perfect position to put ASSU resources in the service of those it answers to: YOU, the students. We have worked on tirelessly on plans that will allow us to maximize our impact, and tackle the problems that are the priority of every Stanford student.

In addition, we have structured our cabinet in a way that would equip and empower us to represent the voice and the interests of the student body. Our cabinet structure is as follows:

  • Academic Affairs: will work on diversifying Stanford administration, staff, and faculty. (Women, People of Color, LGBTQ etc), increasing funding for ethnic study programs in hopes of establishing a department, and will work to implement dead week policies that speak to student need.

  • Diversity Liaison: will mostly work on securing more funding for community centers and spaces, push for the hiring of more diverse CAPS staff that would support the mental health of our communities, support the Stanford Sanctuary movement and Father Junipero Serra renaming process, etc.

  • Environmental Justice: will push for sustainability initiatives in terms of energy use, water resources, and waste processing on campus by adopting measures that would make our campus more sustainable.

  • Graduate Student Liaison: will assist in bridging the gap between graduate and undergraduate students, advocate for issues and concerns of the graduate populations, and help promote their inclusion in Stanford’s social scene.

  • FLI community Liaison: will work on establishing a FLI community center, expanding the LSP program, establishing a sustainable spring break meals program and fostering general socioeconomic conversations through the reform of popular programs such as the New Student Orientation.

  • Mental Health Liaison: will be actively advocating for an increase in funding for CAPS, working on advertising different mental health awareness resources, and making these conversations and resources more accessible for students, especially minority groups and sexual assault survivors. In addition, will work on policy related to addressing concerns with the 5150 (attempted suicide) response.

  • Religious Life Liaison: will work on securing safe spaces for constructive conversation around religion, fulfilling all dietary restrictions related to religions and investigating the institutional response to religious intolerance and hate crimes.

  • Sexual Assault and Gender Issues Liaison: will work to draft Title IX policy reforms and Stanford Administrative Guide amendments to ensure these cases are investigated with the utmost efficiency and accuracy.

What have we already done:

Our involvements on campus have given us a deep connection to the issues of the student body and enabled us to start putting good work in producing meaningful change. Between the two of us, we have been involved in the following:

  • Members of the ASSU Undergraduate Senate

  • Committee Co-chair at the Black Student Union

  • Staff Member & Campus Outreach Coordinator at the Markaz Resource Center

  • Officer at the Muslim Student Union

  • Core Member of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

  • Community Coordinator at the International Student Orientation

  • Flyer Distribution Manager at the Stanford Student Enterprises

  • Vice-President of the Stanford African Student Association

  • Member of the Mental Health and Wellness Coalition

  • Member of Derechos

  • Member of the Stanford Sanctuary Now movement

A vote for us is a vote for the groups behind us! But more importantly, it is a vote for YOU!

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