Kojoh Atta (Undergraduate Senate candidate)

Candidate statement

Kojoh Got That Mojo!

Always pushing for equality, energy, and effectiveness.

Leave No One Behind

Considering the current political climate, We NEED an official Undocumented Student Resource Center Push for Counselors dedicated to working specifically with our Undocumented Students & Students affected by the Travel Ban

Build Solidarity & Community

Increase funding for Community Centers Expand opportunities cross community communication Highlight the intersectionality of issues (Race, Class, Gender, Sexual orientation, Religion, etc)

Money Shouldn’t Matter

Push For A Community Center for First-Generation & Low-Income Students Ensure dining halls stay open during breaks OR Increase Cardinal Dollars based on financial aid Extend eligibility for Welcome Grant to students whose families make less than $20,000 a year to all undergraduate years

Take Sexual Assault Seriously

Push for policies empowering victims Call for all Title 9 lawyers to represent victims & expand the pool of lawyers available

Improve Mental Health Services

Hold CAPS accountable for their services Increase ability for student input on mental health services

Hold Stanford Accountable

Continue work to increase diversity of faculty Push for Stanford to disinvest from fossil fuel companies Expand calls affordable housing to prevent the gentrification of Stanford’s new Redwood City Campus

Hold The ASSU Accountable

All committees MUST submit a report or update every week to the public

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