Jon Johnson (Undergraduate Senate candidate)

Candidate statement


Endorsed : First Generation and Low-Income Partnership (FLIP)

What The Community Deserves:

You Deserve More Than Just 4 Free CAPS Appointments After 4 CAPS appointments, individuals are referred to a specialist off-campus. I am making it a priority to fight for more funding to be allocated towards CAPS. Your mental health should not be mandated to improve within a few trips.

Our Community Centers Need More Funding & We Need To Continue Construction of A Few More Centers The presence of community centers is appreciated but that is not enough to tend to the need of students to have a comforting and identity affirming space. I will not simply be satisfied that we have been given a space, but I will fight for funding in all community centers to be increased so that the adequate staff is available and truly beneficial actions can take place.

Entrepreneurs Come In All Shapes, Colors, and Sizes; They Look Like All of Us ; They Look Like YOU I will work for us to ensure more avenues of entrepreneurship are made accessible and that more underrepresented groups are made aware of our different opportunities. Entrepreneurs of color are in the best position to aid their communities through their work as they create projects that aid their community by fixing problems specific to their groups. We are in the privileged position of having so many available resources and so many bright minds. Because of this, it would be wrong of me to not do everything I possibly can to promote awareness of different entrepreneurship avenues like SENSA (Vote Yes by the Way), BlackPrint, SWIB and more. Also, be sure to go to “Defining Your Brand” next Monday.

Our Voluntary Student Organizations WILL Be Funded Our student organizations are filled with students, especially some of you all reading this email, who have huge goals and visions for your groups on this campus. I will ensure that funding is not a concern and that we are allowed to reach the heights that we so naturally aspire to touch. There are over 600 different VSOs and I will give my full effort to compassionately attend to all needs.

“Together WE Thrive & Together WE Rise”

Dear Beloved Community,

I’m excited to announce our bid for the ASSU Undergraduate Senate. Yes, not MY campaign, but OUR campaign. This campaign strives to strengthen our communities through inclusion of ideas. especially those voices who are silenced, practically unheard, as they are lost in the Winds, that were supposed to stand strong for everyone’s Freedom.

This is OUR year. As a member of the Senate, I will work vigorously on your behalf to make the change that we want to see in our community.

I am here to represent you. I need to hear what you have to say. I may be relatively new to the Stanford Community, but I come from a experience and a lineage of previous Stanford Senators and Executives, that steered our community in the right direction.

I pose as a force to keep us traveling in the right direction. I say this from years of experience, where I previously advocated for thousands to millions of people at the local and state level in one of the most conservative states in the country, but that didn’t cause me to lose my sense of direction, nor forget who I was there to fight for. In these positions, it takes somebody who can interpret experiences and share those with people who come from differing backgrounds. In an analogous case, it dawned on me that I was describing the taste of Sprite to someone who had never tasted a can of Sprite in their life. Communicating experience is never a sensational feat, but I did not back down from the opposition, even if it meant standing alone to speak on the behalf of the minority.

When our very existence is threatened, when we’re threatened with mysterious powders, notes of hatred, or even nefarious looks in the classroom, it is not time for us to crawl into our corners, or grow wings so that we can fly away from the situation, but it is time for us to stand to injustice and RISE UP! We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us and it is time that we rise to reset the bar higher in the face of those who wish us nothing but defeat.

Record of Service & Leadership

“Together WE Thrive & Together WE Rise”

Truly Yours,

Jon M. Johnson

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