José Antonio Ávalos (Undergraduate Senate candidate)

Candidate statement

My name is José Antonio Ávalos, but you can call me Jose, Antonio, Tony, Tonio, Toño, Josean, Güero, or Goose (I'll answer to all of them). It seems to me, based on past events, that we don't have a good allocation of funds or good representation in the ASSU, and I'd like to help change that doing the following:

Appropriating club money by need and on a case-by-case basis rather than by a specific number.

Giving freedom for students to go to places outside of Vaden.

Increasing the number of restaurants on campus that take meal plan dollars.

Allowing freshmen more freedom to choose how their meal money is distributed.

Having student polling to see the issues that matter to students.

Making ASSU and Stanford Budget more accessible.

and Subsidizing Uber and local travel costs for low-income students.

I'm also running with ya boi Andy Lee. If you're signing my petition, please sign his too!

Andy Lee


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