Janique Lee (Jan) (Undergraduate Senate candidate)

Candidate statement

Yes We Jan

Hi everyone! My name is Janique Lee but most people call me Jan! With family hailing from Jamaica, USA, St. Lucia and Barbados, I believe I will bring a unique perspective to the ASSU Senate. Growing up around these diverse perspectives, I intrinsically believe that every outlook can contribute positively to our community and whether it may be offering my own ideas or lending a listening ear, I always encourage others to be proud of their voices. As a member of the Frosh Council this year, I have been able to foster a greater sense of community among the Freshman class. Now, I would like to further my contribution and create a community of passion, creativity and diversity, throughout Stanford.

As an ASSU Senator, I plan to play an active role in:

1. Building Communities

•I plan to create user friendly platforms that can improve communication between the senate and student groups (apps and surveys) to improve senate presence on campus and allow for greater senate transparency.

•Allocate funds for inter-group activities that can create spaces where the issues of race, gender, sexuality, and class, and where they intersect, can be discussed easily.

2. Representing Communities

•As of February, 27, 2017, Stanford’s faculty is 73% Male-identifying and 27% Female-identifying, and 73% non-minority groups. As a Senator, I would work with Nominations Commission to advocate for increased diversity among faculty members, university administration, CAPS counselors, SARA office counselors, and counselors at The Bridge to allow for safer and more relatable spaces for all students.

• Increase pressures to advocate for the opening of residences and dining halls during breaks in order to further support students who are unable to go home;

•Advocate for the building of a FLIP Community Center, and for the increased funding of other community centers on campus;

•Raise awareness at an administrative and student level about issues facing Students of color and First gen & Low income students, and rally support to provide **community spaces and resources to ensure that these experiences are heard and understood.

3. Listening to Communities

Combatting Sexual Assault

•Continue work to ensure the proper implementation of Callisto, an app that provides support for sexual assault victims, in reporting their abuse without pressure or judgement.

•Advocate for increased sexual violence prevention education, and availability and accessibility of resources within community centers for sexual assault victims.

•Pressure administrative groups to be more transparent in informing the student body about sexual assault incidents.

Mental Health Advocacy

•Advocate for increased funding among student groups to create more spaces allowing for the destigmatization of and increased awareness of mental health issues on campus.

4. Sustaining Our Community

•Advocate for the implementation of a student sustainability manager in each dorm that could monitor waste and energy consumption, and increase education within the dorm.

•Ensure that student groups follow minimal waste guidelines when planning events, especially concerning leftover food donation

Can we get it done?

Yes We Jan

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