Undergraduate Senate candidates

Kojoh Atta (validated with 100 signatures)

Kojoh Got That Mojo!

Always pushing for equality, energy, and effectiveness.

Leave No One Behind

Considering the current political climate, We NEED an official Undocumented Student Resource Center Push for Counselors dedicated to working specifically with our Undocumented Students & Students affected by the Travel Ban

Build Solidarity & Community

Increase funding for Community Centers Expand opportunities cross community communication Highlight the intersectionality of issues (Race, Class, Gender, Sexual orientation, Religion, etc)

Money Shouldn’t Matter

Push For A Community Center for First-Generation & Low-Income Students Ensure dining halls stay open during breaks OR Increase Cardinal Dollars based on financial aid Extend eligibility for Welcome Grant to students whose families make less than $20,000 a year to all undergraduate years

Take Sexual Assault Seriously

Push for policies empowering victims Call for all Title 9 lawyers to represent victims & expand the pool of lawyers available

Improve Mental Health Services

Hold CAPS accountable for ...

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Cole McFaul (validated with 100 signatures)

Hi! My name is Cole McFaul, and I am a Freshman in Twain. Over my first few months at Stanford and as a representative on Frosh Council, I have fallen in love with this university, but at the same time, I have seen many problems that face the university--some of which I think are problems that could be easily remedied. I think Senate is a tremendous platform to implement change and make the university a better place. But fancy words won't get the job done. Real problems require real solutions. Below, I have outlined 10 concrete solutions to improve 10 areas in which I believe the school is lacking. I have included a short list below, with more reasoning in the following section.
1. Increase funding for CAPS counselors while promoting diversity among CAPS counselors
2. Textbook exchange system
3. Establish a community center for first-generation and low-income students ...

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Allen Wehner (validated with 100 signatures)

Academic Life

We are all, first and foremost, students. We are unified by our love of learning, our passion for exploration, and our dedication to using our education to better our communities. Yet despite this dedication to learning, academic life so often takes a toll on our love of learning and ability to use our knowledge for good. With your help, I hope to turn the ASSU's attention to the university's academic procedures and make sure that the work of this educational institution is effective and efficient in educating us all.

I don't mean to suggest that school shouldn't be hard - to the contrary, our education must push us in order to be effective. But when the manifestation of "pushing us" so often results in discrimination ("weed-out courses," whether the university calls them that or not, discriminate significantly on the basis of race, gender, and ethnicity ...

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Matthew Cohen (validated with 100 signatures)

Hi! My name is Matthew Cohen, and I am running for a third term on ASSU Senate! I would really appreciate it if you could sign my petition.

If elected, I would continue working on environmental sustainability and sexual violence prevention. I would also further advocate for the safety and security of students who are the targets of bigotry.

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Shawn Ahdout (validated with 100 signatures)

Far too often in the education system, there is a disconnect between the wishes and concerns of the students and the actions of the administrators. As the largest stakeholders in the education system, students deserve to have their voices heard and the Senate is the best way to help bridge that gap at Stanford.

As a Senator, I would have two main goals and work with the administration to maintain these goals:

Ensure that every student on campus feels safe and secure. This has become especially pressing during the rise of intolerance and bigotry we have seen across this nation in recent months and it is vital that every student on campus feels safe on campus.

Ensure that every student has the financial resources to thrive on campus. There are costs that extend further than just tuition, room, and board, and it is important that our lower-income students have all ...

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Doris (Dory) Rodriguez (validated with 100 signatures)

Words backed by Actions

Students for ACTion

With the current political climate in place, it is more important than ever that Senators are not simply attending meetings but also actively bringing up issues that affect our community as a whole.

ACTing means

Holding ourselves Accountable

  • Changes to the ASSU website: Surveys for Undergraduates to easily give input to Senators
  • Taking responsibility as a University for our role in the Gentrification of the Bay Area BY ASKING BIG QUESTIONS: How will the expansion into a "Redwood City Campus" affect the surrounding communities? Why are our summer programs for High School students so unaffordable for the high achieving low-income students in our area?

Taking Care of our Community

  • Trump's executive ban and it's effect on our students: We need to demand legal aid for affected students. If students can't go home, how will Stanford help ...
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Lark Wang (validated with 100 signatures)

Hello! I’m Lark, and I am a first-year student running for ASSU Undergraduate Senate. As a Frosh Council representative, member of an ASSU working group to fund traditions, and Markaz Frosh Intern, I gained a deep appreciation for how students can better the Stanford community. I am running for Senate because I want to represent my communities as a female of color, serve as a voice and resource for student concerns about the Senate, and create tangible change. I plan to continue existing Senate projects and ensure all student groups receive adequate funding. Please feel free to email me at larkw@stanford.edu at any time if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas. Hit the mark with Lark!

What do I plan to do for you?

Tl;dr: Protect and celebrate diversity, bolster sustainability efforts, support sexual assault prevention/women’s health, and increase access to mental health ...

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Remy Gordon (validated with 100 signatures)

Better Together

Hello! My name is Remy Gordon and I’m a frosh running for Undergraduate Senate. I want to serve as your Senator because I believe in the power and influence of the ASSU. There are some issues with meaningful and effective representation as well as a few issues around campus in general that I want to tackle. Here are some viable action items that I’d like to address:

1. More than just funding.

I understand the importance of funding and pledge to continue and even increase ASSU funding for student organizations so that they can further the positive communities and impacts that these groups foster. However, while funding from ASSU is crucial for the missions of Volunteer Student Organizations (VSOs) and other clubs/organizations that benefit, ASSU has the power and responsibility to represent the student body in more than just money. Many students don’t have ...

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Aamnah Khalid (validated with 100 signatures)

Freshman. From Lahore, Pakistan. Navigating the nebulous waters of the "Undecided Major."

TLDR: Take back the Senate; Better Axess; quick CAPS; help with College Life 101; Puppies, bunnies and more during DEAD WEEK; Make Dining Halls Great Again; fly FLI; Making Makerspaces; Sustainable Stanford; more job$ for $tudent$

Why am I running for senate? I just really enjoy advocating for the concerns of my fellow students. I love debating on issues and as a member of the senate, I look forward to being a part of debates that have an impact. The most fulfilling experience for me in high school was being a voice for my peers as the head of student government. I want to continue doing that at Stanford!
As an Undergraduate Senate member, I promise to:

• Get the Senate more involved with the student body. It should be your agenda, not the Senate's. Life at Stanford ...

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Katie Hufker (validated with 100 signatures)

Hi! My name is Katie Hufker and I am a junior majoring in Computer Science. I decided to run for Senate because I’m really interested in working with the administration to tackle big problems like sexual violence and mental health and making sure that student groups get the funding they need.


Through serving as the financial officer for the Band, Kids with Dreams, and the Undergraduate Catholic Student Association, I have gained a good understanding of how the current funding system works and have ideas on how to improve it. First, I want to proactively work with financial officers from a variety of groups to set funding policies that ensure that groups have what they need to be successful and are fiscally responsible. Second, I want to ensure that Senate is transparent with groups throughout the funding process to make sure they understand the process, are notified of ...

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Erica Scott (validated with 100 signatures)

Hi everyone! My name is Erica Scott and I’m a freshman living in Serra. After working on Frosh Council this year, I’d really love the opportunity to continue serving the Stanford community next year as a Senator. If elected Senator, my priorities will include advocating for marginalized communities on campus, addressing and preventing sexual violence, improving mental health awareness and resources, and promoting environmental sustainability.

With these broad goals in mind, here are some of the specific policy initiatives I’d like to spearhead:

1. Establishing a financial aid/stipend program for class fees.

Many Mechanical Engineering, Product Design, Art, and Architecture classes require students to pay out of pocket for building materials, art supplies, and access to the Product Realization Lab. This places an undue burden on low-income students and creates barriers to entry for students that want to pursue these majors. I want to create a ...

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Ana Carolina Queiroz (validated with 100 signatures)

Hi folks,

I still could be doing my SLE readings, but here am I running for Undergrad Senate. I am Ana Carolina (she/her/hers pronouns), a Brazilian freshman eager to fight for the wellness of groups that have the right to have more voice inside our campus, including (but not limited to) women, students of color and low-income/first-generation students. My work fighting for student empowerment and workers' rights on campus has always been guided by a feminist, intersectional approach, and if you elect me, issues related to gender, class and race will be central on our Senate.

My main goals are:

Promoting student empowerment

  • Foster discussions on race, class and gender promoted by student groups, and make them visible to all Stanford students. Also, encourage students to be more explicit in discussions about privilege, to create collectively ways to impact now and in the future our communities, by ...
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Michael Marsh (validated with 100 signatures)

How do all students not have an equal opportunity at Stanford, when they supposedly attend one of the best universities in the world?

Why does Stanford claim to benefit both its own community and the world around them, but cause social injury through their investments?

I came to Stanford thinking the opposites of these realities were true. As a result, I became to think of Stanford as paradise. However, I soon learned that not everyone felt the same way about Stanford and it is partly due to existing institutional problems. Because of this, I decided to run for ASSU Senate and help attack these problems head on.

My platform is split into two areas: Intracommunity and Intercommunity Policy

Intracommunity Policy

I will work to…

-Pass a joint resolution with the graduate student council in order to pressure the faculty to increase CAPS funding and diversity

-Increase funding to and knowledge ...

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Vinicius Garcia (validated with 100 signatures)

Hi, Friends! My name is Vinicius Garcia – also known as Vinnie – and I am a freshman, coming from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As many of you, I decided to come to Stanford because I saw in it an environment that combined academic excellence with deep care for its student community. Six months after moving to campus, I am more and more in love with our community and surprised with how it strives to leave its mark on this institution, by turning the university into what we believe to be a better and more welcoming place to all. Still, I believe that the process for the changes we want to see at Stanford follow the dynamics of the “outside world” and, thus, has no definite end. Therefore, I decided to run for Student Senate because I want to work for our community and to help to fortify the bridge between students ...

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Sam Baucom (validated with 100 signatures)

Hello fellow trees! My name is Sam Baucom and I am a freshman Political Science major living in FloMo. I am running for our Undergraduate Senate because I believe in the mission of ASSU, I want to address pressing issues that are often overlooked, and because through the Undergraduate Senate I can affect meaningful change that will be great for the Stanford community.

I believe that to have a successful Undergraduate Senate we must have leaders that are not simply idealists, but also pragmatic in their approach to governing so that we can build trust in ASSU and its bodies while simultaneously accomplishing tangible things on behalf of the student body. To this end, I encourage everyone to challenge those of us that are running by asking us what our stances on the issues are and by pitching ideas that YOU find important. If you have any ideas on how ...

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Joseph Hanson (validated with 100 signatures)

Hi everyone! My name is Joseph Hanson and I'm a freshman living in J-Ro. I'm running for ASSU Senate because I want to be a representative beholden to the student body. The policies and goals I have for office are very important to me, but I'm truly passionate about engaging in active conversations with students and bringing their issues and ideas to the Senate agenda. As Frosh Council president this year, I had the opportunity to interact heavily with the Class of 2020, and I want to expand that representation to include the entire undergraduate community at Stanford. To me, it's critical to bring the voices of all students, especially minority and first generation or low income members of the community, to discussions of policy at the Senate level.

Here are some key issues I'd like to address:

1. Transfer vital activities and programs from ...

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Hamzeh Daoud (validated with 100 signatures)

No statement submitted.

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Samantha Feuer (validated with 100 signatures)


Hi! My name is Samantha Victoria Feuer. I am a freshman running for ASSU Undergraduate Senate. I want to serve on Senate because I care deeply about the Stanford community and believe in the power the Senate in representing the voices of our undergraduate community. Below are some initiatives I wish to advocate for.


  • Encourage greater communication between student groups in order to tackle intolerance in solidarity.

  • Increase funding for groups that support and promote the various diverse communities on campus.

  • Increase representation amongst Stanford faculty and councillors that serve within student services.

  • Foster a greater relationship between Senate and the Stanford Community so that more voices can be heard.


  • Improve student access to sexual health services in a way that supports students' needs not protocol.

  • Increase the time allocated for free legal counselling to students involved in sexual assault cases.

  • Continue strides already made ...

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Kimiko Hirota (validated with 100 signatures)

For All of Us.

Hello! My name is Kimiko Hirota, and I am a first year who aims to advocate on behalf of the Stanford community I love as part of the Undergraduate Senate. Beyond student funding, Senators have the responsibility and opportunity to push administration to make real changes that improve students’ quality of life.

Here are the initiatives most important to me:

CREATING COMMUNITY between Senators & the student body

  • Required diversity training for Senators to engage with all of the communities we represent

  • Accessible online feedback form that sends directly to Senators

  • Quarterly social open to all undergraduates to get to know Senators

  • Active social media presence for awareness and accountability

SUPPORTING COMMUNITY through open dialogue & advocacy

  • Secure crucial funding for all community centers

  • Quarterly town halls that unite senators and community center staff

  • Consistently available CAPS counselors that match demographics in community centers

  • Support sustainability efforts related ...

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Gabe Rosen (validated with 100 signatures)

I'm a current ASSU Senator (the one mentioned here) running for re-election. I'm running for re-election because I know there is still work to be done addressing systemic issues on campus. During my past term I authored and passed the Full House Fund, supported the Senate and Exec's joint initiative to adopt Callisto, and helped run the Senate's appropriations process. Next term I hope to continue my work advocating for concrete reforms that improve quality of life on campus by spearheading course fee reductions and facilitating dialogue between communities affected by a national uptick of bigotry and hate crimes.

After serving a year on the Undergraduate Senate, as Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee and a member of both the Appropriations and Administration & Rules Committees, I have the experience needed to govern effectively and know what the Senate is capable of accomplishing. I hope to continue ...

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Jacob Randolph (validated with 100 signatures)

As a delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Caucus Chair for the College Democrats of America, and a current delegate representing California Assembly District 47, I have worked to ensure that marginalized communities have a voice in the political process and the issues impacting them remain at the forefront of political discourse at both the state and national levels. If elected to the ASSU Senate, I will continue supporting these marginalized communities and work to ensure that every Stanford student is provided the resources and support necessary to knock down any class/race/gender barrier that prevents them from pursuing a successful academic career. As a first-generation/low-income student, I understand the powerful impact these barriers can have on student life, and the need for them to be addressed by both the Senate and the Stanford administration.

If elected Senator, I will focus on the following:

Tackling Issues Facing ...

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Lizzie Ford (validated with 100 signatures)

Hi everyone! My name is Lizzie Ford and I am a freshman living in Soto. It is because of my unwavering dedication to low-income and first generation students, students of color, immigrants, and female-identifying students and faculty among other communities that I am so excited to become a candidate for Senate. I am running for office first and foremost to become a member of Senate and a voice for these communities, but also to raise awareness about issues that profoundly affect members of the Stanford family. With this goal in mind, I have spoken to student groups and current senators to understand what changes need to be made in order to make Stanford a more accessible, diverse, and welcoming place for all its students, professors, and workers.

Here is my policy plan:

1. Improve Access for First-Gen and Low-Income Students:

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Janique Lee (Jan) (validated with 100 signatures)

Yes We Jan

Hi everyone! My name is Janique Lee but most people call me Jan! With family hailing from Jamaica, USA, St. Lucia and Barbados, I believe I will bring a unique perspective to the ASSU Senate. Growing up around these diverse perspectives, I intrinsically believe that every outlook can contribute positively to our community and whether it may be offering my own ideas or lending a listening ear, I always encourage others to be proud of their voices. As a member of the Frosh Council this year, I have been able to foster a greater sense of community among the Freshman class. Now, I would like to further my contribution and create a community of passion, creativity and diversity, throughout Stanford.

As an ASSU Senator, I plan to play an active role in:

1. Building Communities

•I plan to create user friendly platforms that can improve communication between ...

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Chapman Caddell (validated with 100 signatures)

Why I’m Running

I didn’t expect to be running for Undergraduate Senate. Many of my peers had told me that the Senate didn’t do anything—that campus politics would be a waste of time. This is false, and the more I learned about the Senate, the more I began to appreciate just how much power our Senators have. Senators have control over a VSO-funding process that dozens of student groups depend on. They also have a direct line to the administration that gives them influence over such critical issues as sexual-assault prevention and Stanford’s sustainability policy. The first step in making any government accountable is to know what that government can and cannot do. I intend to make the Undergraduate Senate more transparent, more democratic, and more representative of the voices of every student on this campus.

If you believe in pragmatic leadership that responds to ...

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