Executive slates

Khaled-Ocon (pending validation)


Equip: students and community members with the resources to thrive at Stanford

Elevate: the voices of all students to advance the inclusivity, growth, and progress of the Cardinal community

Enhance: the college experience both academically and socially for all

Ensure: that efforts are taken to promote campus safety and address sexual assault

Mission Statement:

Our executive slate is working to Elevate student voices, Enhance the college experience for all students, Ensure the safety of all, and Equip all students and community members with the necessary resources and support to thrive at Stanford.


  • Equip community centers with the resources necessary to best support our communities
  • Advocate for sizable increases to all community center budgets
  • Advocate for the hiring of additional full-time professional staff in our centers to reflect the growing populations our community centers serve
  • Establish a sexual assault prevention training program for community center student staff ...
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Associated Students of Stanford (pending validation)


If elected, we will propose a resolution to rename the Associated Students of Stanford University with a more concise identifier, Associated Students of Stanford.

"We also care about [ISSUE]!”

Think of one now. Yes, we care about that one.

  • New Alcohol Policy: Non-euclidian containers only
  • Shipping all caterpillars to Berkeley
  • Implementation of [REDACTED]
  • 4-step authentication


Q: How old are you, twelve?
A: Yes.
Q: Who are you, and why are you in my election?
A: Yes.
Q: Is this for real, or is it some half-baked attempt at satire?
A: Yes.
Q: What if you guys actually win?
A: No.

For more information about us, please click here

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Shanta-Rosie (pending validation)

"No decisions about us, without us"

We are a team of undergraduate and graduate students passionate about student representation at the decision-making table. Shanta is a junior and a former ASSU Undergraduate Senate Chair and Rosie is a PhD candidate in the Graduate School of Education and current Graduate Student Council Co-Chair. Together, we have cultivated strong working relationships with the highest levels of Stanford’s administration. Our vision for Stanford spans 5 main themes: diversity and inclusion, housing access and affordability, student health and wellness, sexual violence policies, and graduate-undergraduate partnerships. Below are just a few highlights of our initiatives under each theme but we are happy to chat in greater detail about all of the ways in which we can work to make Stanford better. Feel free to reach out to skatipam@stanford.edu and crnelson@stanford.edu if you want to get to know us and our ...

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Annual Grant and Special Fee Groups

Group Total request Current budget % chg Acct statement
Kids With Dreams $6,062.00 $6,790.00 -11% PDF More info »

Rising Seniors Class President slates

MARC TESSENIOR LEV19NE (pending validation)

This April, MARC your ballots for the TESSENIOR-LAV19NES!

M: Meeting 2019

Although this is our final year, there are still so many members of our class that we have yet to know. We hope to sponsor events that give you the opportunity to continue meeting the Class of 2019. Through Philz speed dating, dorm reunions, a senior formal, and other special events throughout the year, we will both connect and reconnect you with the incredible people of our class. We want to complete our time at Stanford with a strong community and lifelong friendships.

A: Alliance with the Student Body

As representatives of the Class of 2019, we strive to embody the values, interests, and unique backgrounds of Stanford seniors. With open office hours, we want to hear your perspectives and see how to best serve you. Our focus is the student body and hearing what you want ...

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Rising Juniors Class President slates

Slate Registration (pending validation)

No statement submitted.

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Rising Sophomores Class President slates

21 Savages (pending validation)

Just a few 21 Savages with 20/21 vision looking to make sophomore year the best it's ever been.

Statement in the works.

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Twenty-One, Twenty-Fun (pending validation)

Who We Are and What We Love:

Celine: Second Term Frosh Council President, LGBTQ, Campus Activism, Stanford Women in Business, Black Panther

Johnathan: First-Generation Low-Income Student, Gaieties, Ram’s Head Theatrical Society, Testimony Christian A Cappella

N’Naserri: Stanford Cheer, Stanford Women in Business, Black Students’ Union, BlackPrint, Campus Activism

Brian: LSJUMB, Stanford AI Group, Environmental Responsibility, First Term Frosh Council President

For our sophomore year, Twenty-One, Twenty-Fun wants to serve you in multiple WAYS! To be specific, with four new WAYS breadth requirements:

1. TAP: Team All People

Our priorities and actions are sourced from the diverse interests, experiences, and identifications of people like you. We’ll work with input from individuals, communities, and Senate reps to publicly uplift topics ranging from increasing inclusivity for FLI, ISO, LGBTQ, and POC communities to addressing Stanford’s work on community centers, sexual assault cases, and campus workers’ rights. We don’t ...

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Scooter Gang (pending validation)

Do it for the culture.

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StanFor-U (pending validation)

We stand for you and the “U”!!

We are four fun-loving flipping fantastic sophomores who strive to support the well-being, diversity, and community of our class.

From serving on Frosh Council to participating in public service organizations to procrastinating on our PSETs at TAP on weekday nights,

We are Sophs for MORE:

M: Mindfulness

We believe that our class is stronger because of our differences, and we want to promote our the amazing diversity that each student and community brings to the table through:

  • “Fireside Chats” w/ MTL to address questions submitted by the Sophomore Class

  • Awareness events planned in collaboration with different ethnic and religious groups

O: Opportunities

While Stanford is full of new and exciting ideas, it can sometimes be overwhelming trying to filter through the noise of email lists and club applications amidst the chaos of too many units. We want to present the Sophomore class with ...

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Undergraduate Senate candidates

Michal Skreta (pending validation)

Access to university resources should be as simple as possible. Let's make it a reality.

Through my involvement in Frosh Council and the ASSU as a Senate Associate, I learned about the minutiae of university operations. Whether I was discussing the prospects for need-blind admissions for international students with university leaders, examining the UAR's progress on revamping the PMA program on the Senate Academic Affairs Committee or benchmarking the transparency of Stanford investments, I understood how to initiate change in a quick and comprehensive manner.

What will I advocate for if I am elected?

• Streamlining the funding process for student groups

• Eliminating additional course fees

• Establishing need-blind financial aid for international students

• Making university gyms open for 24 hours

• Abolishing printing fees

• Expanding accessibility on campus for people with disabilities

• Increasing transparency of Stanford's investments

• And many more to come!

Questions? michal.skreta@stanford.edu!

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Martin Altenburg (pending validation)

Hey everyone, I'm Martin Altenburg and am running for Undergraduate Senate because I have spent this year falling in love with Stanford's people and campus. Stanford presents a myriad of activities that happen in no part of the amazing organizations and students. To be a part of this process is something that I have both worked to become a part of this year and want to become more involved in throughout our time on campus. I'll have more information to come and can't wait to learn more about the class this winter quarter.

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Faa Diallo (pending validation)

Mr. Faantastic For Senate (Sounds better in person)

Hi! My name is Faa Diallo. I am running for the position of ASSU Senate. I simply want to expedite the club funding process to make club events as easy and painless as possible. I am running because I am fully aware of and invested in the struggles that face Stanford students every day and to get obstacles out of your way so that it is only you and your goal. As your senator:

I would build productive conversations around the issues that continue to divide our campus.

Subsidize student health care at Stanford hospital as well as at Vaden.

Open more campus restaurants to meal dollars (I’m tryna eat at treehouse) and bringing back the ten-meal plan option for freshmen.

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Jamie Seney (pending validation)

Pushing for folks to:

Listen, which means more than to hear;

See, which means more than to look at;

Understand, which means more than to comprehend;

Empathize, which means more than to sympathize;

Activate change, which means more than to simply advocate for change.

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Saron Dea (pending validation)

It is personal.

Hi friends, My name is Saron Dea and I'm a sophomore living at 576. I'm running for undergraduate senate to bring a spirit of fresh energy and enthusiasm into the ASSU. In my year and a half as a Stanford undergrad, I've been involved in a wide range of activities that have allowed me to work closely with delightful individuals from all over campus. It didn't take long for me to figure out that the primary barrier in turning student ideas into reality is resources, which as we all know, Stanford has in abundance. Unfortunately, our campus tends to be overcast by the same bureaucratic fog that is characteristic of most institutions, leaving many of the school's most vulnerable communities feeling even further marginalized and neglected. If elected to the undergraduate senate, I will make it my priority to ensure that student ...

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Betty Lee (pending validation)

No statement submitted.

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Jennifer Luo (pending validation)

Hi! I’m Jen and I’m running for ASSU Undergraduate Senate. I’ve spent the past two quarters falling in love with Stanford and the people on this campus and I want to do everything in my power to make Stanford a better place. My goal is to make Stanford a place of enfranchisement (after a year of disenfranchisement post 2016 election). That means a few things.

1. Holding Stanford to a clear statement of core values, principles, and goals in decision-making.

A. Racial and Class Diversity

This means committing Stanford to affirmative action to maintain diversity in the face of impending civil rights actions and suits; affirmative action is the only reason for increased diversification in our admissions practices. This means committing Stanford to becoming by all definitions a “sanctuary campus” and giving advanced notice of impending inspections, partnerships with the Stanford Sanctuary Now initiative, clarifying and publicizing ...

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Jianna So (pending validation)

As an ASSU Senator, my main goals will be to improve the way sexual assault is dealt with on campus, keep management accountable regarding service workers' rights issues, expand resources for undocumented students, and continue to advocate for Stanford to be a Sanctuary Campus. Ask me anything: jiannaso@stanford.edu

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Alejandrina Gonzalez (pending validation)

Let's Unite Stanford!

Tired of spending so much money on printing?

Tired of such a bad system at Vaden and CAPS?

Tired of having such a constrained meal plan?

Tired of feeling your voice silenced?


Tired of bad quality coffee at the dining halls?

Tired of being tired on Stanford issues not being addressed?

If you answered YES to one or more questions above, then don't hesitate to sign!

United Stanford!

Faa Diallo: https://assu.herokuapp.com/faa

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Ana Queiroz (pending validation)

Hello folks, I am Ana, a Brazilian sophomore/current ASSU Senator :) I plan to use the experience I've gained last year to promote:

Accountability in University's investments Stanford needs to be more transparent in its endowment investments. I plan to undertake the task of demanding more accountability for students and society in general, and being on Senate would provide more contact with both administration and student body.

Partnership between workers and students I will make sure that the voice of workers (from Stanford and beyond) keep being brought to the table. Students can show support, and I will make sure Senate continues becoming a venue in which students can advocate for workers.

Fair student group funding The appropriations committee works hard to allocate student fee money in the best way possible. The past year was filled with positive changes in how funding is made! If I am elected ...

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Gabe Rosen (pending validation)

I'm a current ASSU Senator (the one mentioned here) running for a third term. I'm running for re-election because I know there is still work to be done addressing systemic issues on campus.

During my first term I authored and passed the Full House Fund, supported the Senate and ASAP's joint efforts regarding Title IX, and co-sponsored a resolution against Islamophobia, among other initiatives such as supporting transparency reforms.

During my most recent term I oversaw the implementation of Funding Reform as Chair of the Appropriations Committee, ensuring that our funding decisions are more transparent and equitable while remaining within budget. My committee has also recently incorporated environmental sustainability as a criteria in funding processes, drawing on the Office of Sustainability's Green Events Checklist. I also voted in favor of the reconstitution of the ASSU Joint Legislative Committee on Sexual Violence, supported the passage of a ...

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Leya Elias (pending validation)


HEY YOU..stop and read this little thing I wrote :)!!

My name is Leya Elias and I want to be your Senator because I can achieve the change that you want to see.

Stanford needs someone who is committed to improving systems where possible and reconstructing them when necessary.

We need to pay attention to the concerns and injustices of the FLI (First-Generation and Low-Income) community.

We need to pay attention to the concerns and injustices of the LGBTI community.

We need to pay attention to the concerns and injustices of students of color and indigenous students.

We need to pay attention to the concerns and injustices of students with disabilities.


is a campus that belongs to all of its students and it is essential that students feel that way. We want to increase CAPS accessibility, increase diversity AND a sense of inclusion in ALL aspects of the ...

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Alexis Michelle Adjei (pending validation)

No statement submitted.

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Noah Cortez (pending validation)

No statement submitted.

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Matt Wigler (pending validation)

Student voices deserve to be taken seriously. I hope to bring them to Stanford's faculty and administration as an advocate for our shared interest in building both a better school and home here. At the same time, I am also convinced that we could all stand to benefit from more conversations with each other. I hope to help initiate such conversations, bridging divides that split our polarized campus and building trust between communities. I am running for senate because I believe in the possibilities of dialogue, as well as those of student government. My platform centers on increasing opportunities for student engagement with Stanford's institutions and with each other.

I am Vice President of the Stanford Democrats and serve on a statewide caucus of the California Young Democrats. I support divest from private prisons and fossil fuels; I support Israel. I want to pursue measures to better protect ...

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Mauricio Morfin (pending validation)

No statement submitted.

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John Coffey (pending validation)


Hopeless... that's what 2016 was. Hopeless. Remember the dark spring days? Plagued by the worst thing imaginable... No, not profros, Worse. Caterpillars. Many of you don't remember the scourge, the chaos brought upon us by the rampant disregard of the ASSU senate to properly address the biggest issue on campus. These menacing little beings. The Caterpillars. Falling from trees, chasing unsuspecting bikers and walkers that dare enter their domain. But it doesn't have to be this way. We can take it back. Take back the trees. Take back the farm. Make the Senate care. How do we do this? Easy, A falconry program. For only 2 million a year (only the entire Senate budget), we can make something like SLE,only cooler. A falconry program to train hawks to get rid of these little predator caterpillars. What do you say? Are you with me? Or with ...

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Remi Akindele (pending validation)

I'm running for ASSU Undergraduate Senate to be an advocate for all voices on campus and make efforts to create a more unified, fair, ethical, and prosperous campus community! What does that mean exactly?

I'm advocating for....

1) Continuing fair funding for student organizations with knowledge and clear communication of funding guidelines

2) Making campus resources and programs more financially accessible

3) Promptly and thoroughly addressing issues faced by students in the LGBT community and students of color with full attention and dialogue.

4) Increasing sustainability efforts in dining and residence halls.

5) Increasing avenues for dialogue between the ASSU and the general undergraduate student body to voice concerns.

6) Holding Stanford accountable for it's handling and responses to sexual assault on campus, mental health concerns, and acts of discrimination on campus

7) Increasing resources and accessibility for students with disabilities with efforts including, but not limited ...

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Josh Nkoy (pending validation)

Josh Nkoy: He's Your Boy. Choose Common Sense Leadership This Year.

If you don't want to read my whole platform: I am running on the platform of common sense. I will fight greater allocation of funding to present and future students, a louder voice for all students regardless of background (most immediately for those from marginalized communities), the establishment of a sanctuary campus, implementation of improvements for students with disabilities, environmental accountability (including fossil fuel divestment), and transparency -- because ALL OF THESE THINGS JUST MAKE SENSE for us students. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at joshnkoy@stanford.edu. Thank you!

The Common Sense Leadership Option: A Short Background

Much of everything we do has been dictated by outside beliefs that have been predetermined for us. What we personally believe in, what our political leanings are, or what our subconscious tendencies and stereotypes may ...

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Sefa Santos-Powell (pending validation)


My name is Sefa Santos-Powell and I am running for ASSU Senate. The consistent maintenance of white supremacist thought in our school's events is qwhite distasteful to me. I am very put off by the number of Republicans running so whoomp here I am. I want to interrogate institutions and criticize complacency.

Thank you.

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Rodolfo Salazar (pending validation)

Hi everyone, my name is Rodolfo Salazar and I am a Freshman running for ASSU Senate. I believe that Stanford has a responsibility (and adequate funds) to fully support the needs of every student on campus, yet this is not what we see. As an ASSU Representative, I will work to change this by advocating for a fair distribution of funds to the various groups and communities on campus. Furthermore, I will work to facilitate conversations between communities to increase the level of understanding and respect that every community needs. As a Senator, I will work to elevate the voices of low-income students, first generation students, students of color, and LGBTQ students. Thank you and if you have any questions, my email is rodsal11@stanford.edu.

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Jon Johnson (pending validation)

“Together WE Thrive & Together WE Rise”

Dear Beloved Community,

I’m excited to announce our bid for the ASSU Undergraduate Senate. Yes, not MY campaign, but OUR campaign. This campaign strives to strengthen our communities through inclusion of ideas. especially those voices who are silenced, practically unheard, as they are lost in the Winds, that were supposed to stand strong for everyone’s Freedom.

This is OUR year. As a member of the Senate, I will work vigorously on your behalf to make the change that we want to see in our community.

I am here to represent you. I need to hear what you have to say. I may be relatively new to the Stanford Community, but I come from a experience and a lineage of previous Stanford Senators and Executives, that steered our community in the right direction.

I pose as a force to keep us traveling in ...

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Andy Lee (pending validation)

My name is Andy Lee, and I'm a freshman here at Stanford. I want to run for the ASSU Senate. Here's why:

Common Sense, Common Governance

A Platform of Decency

Dorms and Classes

Free printing for students every quarter- I refuse to pay $30 to print psets

University-owned iClickers distributed to students and collected at end of quarter

Allow Students to consult with medical professionals at Stanford Hospital, alongside Vaden

Increase subsidies for music lessons

Subsidize Uber rides to airports for low-income students


Increase the number of restaurants at Stanford that accept mealplan dollars

Allow freshmen to take on fewer swipes for more Cardinal Dollars

Keep coffee free during Late Night!

Good governance

Regular campus e-polling to see what issues matter to YOU

Make the ASSU's yearly budget more accessible

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Bennett Lewis (pending validation)

Bennett for Senate

Hey guys, I'm Bennett! As your ASSU Senator, I will push for reform at Stanford in order to maintain its status as a progressive, top-tier institution that paves the way for change at other universities (thus defining its status as unapologetically non-Ivy League). I plan on working with the administration and student groups in order to push for issues such as working to address the mess that is Vaden/CAPS, increasing awareness and support for communities of color and LGBTQ students, working towards a CalTrain subsidy program, and advocating for more environmental sustainability through a greater proliferation of clean energy, recycling, and water conservation efforts. You'll be hearing more from me later, but for now please feel free to email me with anything you need at blewis13@stanford.edu !

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Faatimah Solomon (pending validation)

Hi! My name is Faatimah Solomon and I am a freshman running for ASSU Undergrad Senate. In a nutshell, I'm running because I believe that it is important to uplift and represent the voices of students from marginalized communities and to advocate for issues that affect our communities. My goal is to make sure that the needs of students of color, LGBTQIA+ students, indigenous students, FLI students, students with disabilities, and our workers are met by holding the University accountable for maintaining the values that create a more just and equitable Stanford that belongs to each and every single one of us. Additionally, I want to advocate for transparency regarding administrative policies and practices so that students know how decisions that affect them are being made.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at faatimah@stanford.edu!

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Hugh Zhang (pending validation)

No statement submitted.

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Melody Yang (pending validation)

No statement submitted.

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Chapman Caddell (pending validation)

With a year on the Senate behind me, I know just what the ASSU can and cannot do. I’ve spent the last year learning the ins and outs of student government at Stanford, and I’m running for reelection to keep putting that knowledge to work. During my first term, I’ve been committed to transparency, equitable funding, and good governance. I’m currently working on Stanford’s inexcusable lack of transparency in its investments, particularly in the wake of the revelations of the Paradise Papers. Without some basic access to information, we can’t hold the university accountable, especially for its complicity in global climate change. In my first year in office, I authored and passed comprehensive conflict-of-interest reform and created a legislative style guide to make writing bills easy and accessible to all students, not just senators. As the Senate’s Parliamentarian and the Chair of the ...

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Tyra Nicolay (pending validation)

No statement submitted.

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Tim Vrakas (pending validation)


Tim Vrakas: A Candidate Dedicated to Change


The ASSU is more than a system to distribute student funds, It’s nominal mission is to “advance our interests” as students provide for “meaningful participation in the governance” of the University. While the Administration does value the input of students, their interests will always be different than ours in some way. I believe that the interests of the student body are unique and worth fighting for. The Senate is in the singular position of having autonomy and financial authority, and that position is not one I would waste. I pledge to support the position of students second to nothing. Achiving this mission means both knowing the opinions of the students, and identifying issues that we as a senate can address. Why are quesadillas 8$ at Arrillaga? Which student groups are doing the most for the campus, and which are not pulling ...

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Melissa Loupeda (pending validation)

I intend to run to serve as a liaison between student voices and higher administration. As a current Student Government member I have observed where the needs lie and how students before me have come together to service them. For this reason, I will be running with a slate that includes members of every class in order to represent all aspects of the undergraduate experience. My priority is increasing ASSU efficiency and student understanding of the Senate's role on campus.

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Zakaria Sharif (pending validation)

As your ASSU Senate representative, my goal is to reassert our voices not just as students, but as people. I plan on working with administration to better allocate funds to extracurriculars, to increase support for communities of color and first generation students through expanding awareness and education, and finally working to increase campus connectivity by facilitating activities that bridge the divide between different people of Stanford. More information is soon to come, but if there's any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to email zsharif@stanford.edu !

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Lauren Nolen (pending validation)

Hi everyone! I’m Lauren Nolen and I’m running for ASSU Senate because I want to elevate the voices and concerns of undergraduate students and marginalized communities in forming campus policies. More info is coming soon, and please contact me at lnolen@stanford.edu with questions, comments, and ideas!

I believe the Senate can more effectively represent the student body if we increase the amount of communication between senators and their constituents.

This means holding Town Halls so that the student body can make sure their concerns are being heard in real-time instead of every election cycle.

This means senators produce monthly updates (through electronic means) for students about what we’ve achieved and what we have yet to accomplish.

I believe the actions and advocacy of the Senate will hold greater weight with the administration if they’re backed up by consistent dialogue with students.

In addition to ...

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José Antonio Ávalos (pending validation)

My name is José Antonio Ávalos, but you can call me Jose, Antonio, Tony, Tonio, Toño, Josean, Güero, or Goose (I'll answer to all of them). It seems to me, based on past events, that we don't have a good allocation of funds or good representation in the ASSU, and I'd like to help change that doing the following:

Appropriating club money by need and on a case-by-case basis rather than by a specific number.

Giving freedom for students to go to places outside of Vaden.

Increasing the number of restaurants on campus that take meal plan dollars.

Allowing freshmen more freedom to choose how their meal money is distributed.

Having student polling to see the issues that matter to students.

Making ASSU and Stanford Budget more accessible.

and Subsidizing Uber and local travel costs for low-income students.

I'm also running with ya boi Andy Lee ...

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CLICK HERE TO PROVE YOU'RE NOT A ROBOT jk its Emperor Palpatine (pending validation)

*KNOCK KNOCK*Have you heard about our Dark Lord and Savior Emperor Palpatine?

...then buckle the f-word up:

Platform for Emperor Palpatine:

1). Repeal and replace the ASSU with a military oligarchy led by the Stanford ROTC.

2). Find Danny.

3). Institution of an annual "Purge" where it is acceptable to steal bike lights and date RAs.

4). Create and implement a "jail" for people who repost memes on SMFET.

5). Safer cybersecurity: 3 step authentication.

6). Require all conversations to end with the phrase “Make Sense?”

7). Progressive Palpatine: Droid Rights For All Droids

8). Reinforce the Night's Watch.

9). Find Richard.


       _,.-Y  |  |  Y-._
    .-~"   ||  |  |  |   "-.
    I" ""=="|" !""! "|"[]""|     _____
    L__  [] |..------|:   _[----I" .-{"-.
   I___|  ..| l______|l_ [__L]_[I_/r(=}=-P
  [L______L_[________]______j~  '-=c_]/=-^
        |[]|         |[]|
        l__j         l__j
        |!!|         |!!|
        |..|         |..|
        ([])         ([])
        ]--[         ]--[
        [_L]         [_L]  -Palpy
       /|..|\       /|..|\
      `=}--{='     `=}--{='
     .-^--r-^-.   .-^--r-^-.

         //             \\
        /'               `\
       /,'     ..-..     `.\
      /,'   .''     ``.   `.\
     /,'   :           :   `.\
    I I   :   O     O   :   I I
    I b__ ...
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