Executive slates

Erica & Isaiah (validated with 200 signatures)

Hi! We’re Erica and Isaiah, and we’re really excited to bring our experience and enthusiasm to the ASSU! Together, we’ve served as: ASSU Senator, SIG Diversity & Outreach Director, RA, Frosh Council rep, and Orientation Coordinator. We are also proud to be your Students of Color Coalition (SOCC)-endorsed Exec slate. Check out our website for an extended version of our platform!

We’ve worked with the administration in many different capacities and are deeply connected to the student body. Based on our combined experience both inside and outside student government, we believe that institutional change requires inclusive leadership and that we are uniquely positioned to offer this leadership.

Our platform is as easy to remember as A, B, C:

Access & Accountability

1) The ASSU is often confusing and difficult to navigate. We want ASSU leadership to be accessible to students, as well as increase access to the ...

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Fiesta Party (validated with 200 signatures)

Our plan is to:

Plant flowers in Lake Lagunita

Increase funding for Zen Center

Host arts and crafts tables in Tresidder

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Kojoh & Yusef (validated with 200 signatures)

Shaking things up! #4ThePeople

We're two FLI guys on a mission to shake things up, speak truth to power, and hold Stanford accountable! Stay tuned to hear more about what we have to say mental health, FLI Students & the reduction of course fees, the establishment of a permanent FLI Community Center and Disability Community Center, and supporting the Title IX Office.

As the Chair of the 19th Undergraduate Senate and current Co-President of Stanford's Black Student Union, I have seen this campus from many different angles, dealt with the bureaucracy, and I am not afraid to call out the BS of the administration and other candidates to enact tangible and visible change!

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DavidMan, the Man who is David (validated with 200 signatures)


We are the Man who is David.

And you are our friend. Hello, friend. Let me tell you all of that which you have forgotten.

We, the DavidMan, have a vision. This is a great and noble vision, a vision that is simply to increase the public's understanding of Immanuel Kant's Categorical Imperative with respects to deontological ethics.

There is much that must be done to accomplish this. But do not fret, my friend. We have solutions. Commandments, if you will.

First, we must purge the school by expelling all neurotypical/mentally healthy students. The ResEd KGB will be instrumental in this.

Second, we must give voice to marginalized voices of our community. To this end, we support the donation of twenty megaphones to Stanford Taiko. We will also be coordinating the construction of booths in White Plaza around the weekend of the high school debate tournament ...

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Kimiko & Bryce for Exec (validated with 200 signatures)

We’re Kimiko Hirota and Bryce Tuttle, and we are so excited to announce our run for ASSU Exec!

A bit about us--we are passionate advocates for a more inclusive Stanford that places student well-being and growth at the top of its priorities. We have been fighting for that vision for the last three years, securing $$$ for community centers and leading the effort for a permanent space for Stanford’s disability community. We have a proven track record of success. Check out our website for more.

Here are just a few of our top priorities:

Expanding and improving mental health services at Stanford is crucial to improving student life. This means ensuring CAPS counselors meet the needs of every member of our community, removing police involvement in response to mental health crises, and acknowledging the real causes of poor mental health on our campus.

We also aim to hold perpetrators ...

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Annual Grant and Annual Grant Groups

Group Total request Current budget % chg Acct statement
Educational Studies Program (Graduate) $19,370.42 $18,463.00 5% PDF More info »
Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Stanford (Graduate) $37,153.03 (none) 0% PDF More info »
Jewish Student Association $33,000.00 $31,555.00 5% PDF More info »
Stanford Jazz Orchestra $10,000.00 $15,000.00 -33% PDF More info »
Sexual Health Peer Resource Center $51,320.00 $51,920.00 -1% PDF More info »
Stanford Club Sports (Undergraduate) $151,549.99 $144,506.38 5% PDF More info »
Cardinal Calypso $20,220.00 $15,358.00 32% PDF More info »
KZSU Stanford (Graduate) $40,087.20 $39,348.42 2% PDF More info »
Stanford American Indian Organization $50,200.00 $50,170.00 0% PDF More info »
Stanford Mendicants $18,099.00 $17,670.00 2% PDF More info »
Stanford Axe Committee $40,725.00 $37,588.00 8% PDF More info »
Stanford Wind Symphony $15,230.00 $15,180.00 0% PDF More info »
Barrio Assistance $44,160.00 $43,660.00 1% PDF More info »
Students for a Sustainable Stanford $17,200.00 $16,428.00 5% PDF More info »
Asian American Student Association $81,494.59 $89,986.00 -9% PDF More info »
Muslim Student Union (Undergraduate) $31,232.50 $46,300.00 -33% PDF More info »
Mariachi Cardenal de Stanford $15,000.00 $15,461.25 -3% PDF More info »
Basmati Raas $23,520.00 $22,410.00 5% PDF More info »
Stanford Concert Network (Undergraduate) $250,482.25 $247,328.75 1% PDF More info »
Black Family Gathering Committee (Graduate) $29,990.62 (none) 0% PDF More info »
Stanford Student Space Initiative (Undergraduate) $107,886.63 $111,148.63 -3% PDF More info »
Stanford Dance Marathon $24,244.23 $24,131.16 0% PDF More info »
Latinx's in Theatre $18,700.00 (none) 0% PDF More info »
Stanford Concert Network (Graduate) $44,202.75 $43,646.25 1% PDF More info »
Stanford Undergraduate Research Journal $7,325.00 $7,416.00 -1% More info »
Society for International Affairs at Stanford $26,804.11 $28,706.01 -7% PDF More info »
International Undergraduate Community (IUC) $17,364.00 $17,303.55 0% PDF More info »
Cardinal Free Clinics (Undergraduate) $21,816.20 $20,807.50 5% PDF More info »
Stanford Shakespeare Company $9,980.00 $9,305.00 7% PDF More info »
Muslim Student Union (Graduate) $16,817.50 (none) 0% PDF More info »
Engineers For A Sustainable World $6,536.67 (none) 0% PDF More info »
Rabbit Hole VR $11,876.00 (none) 0% PDF More info »
Viennese Ball (Graduate) $6,615.00 $6,000.00 10% PDF More info »
Educational Studies Program (Undergraduate) $19,370.42 $18,463.00 5% PDF More info »
Black Student Union $70,049.00 $71,668.85 -2% PDF More info »
SHIFT $16,533.00 (none) 0% PDF More info »
The Stanford Daily $25,099.20 $47,808.00 -48% PDF More info »
Stanford Club Sports (Graduate) $64,950.00 $61,931.66 5% PDF More info »
Stanford Symphony Orchestra $32,300.00 $32,290.21 0% PDF More info »
Stanford Harmonics $18,970.00 $18,070.00 5% PDF More info »
Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Stanford (Undergraduate) $9,288.25 (none) 0% PDF More info »
Stanford Mixed Company $13,267.50 $12,902.73 3% PDF More info »
Stanford Martial Arts Program (Undergraduate) $7,832.55 $5,339.25 47% PDF More info »
Stanford Student Space Initiative (Graduate) $8,747.57 (none) 0% PDF More info »
Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band $97,930.00 $93,370.00 5% PDF More info »
Stanford Solar Car Project (Graduate) $8,152.70 (none) 0% PDF More info »
Stanford Women in Business $13,900.00 $13,872.52 0% PDF More info »
Stanford Theater Lab $12,106.00 $11,650.00 4% PDF More info »
KZSU Stanford (Undergraduate) $60,130.80 $59,022.63 2% PDF More info »
Cardinal Ballet Company $15,882.67 (none) 0% PDF More info »
FLIP: First-Generation and/or Low-Income Partnership (FLIP) $30,880.00 $29,430.00 5% PDF More info »
Kids with Dreams $6,185.00 $6,062.00 2% PDF More info »
Alternative Spring Break $74,055.00 $71,250.00 4% PDF More info »
Biological Interdisciplinary Open Maker Environment $21,220.00 $20,718.00 2% PDF More info »
Stanford Social Entrepreneurial Students Association (SENSA) $24,600.00 $45,764.00 -46% PDF More info »
Stanford NAACP $24,600.00 $24,600.00 0% PDF More info »
Pilipinx American Student Union (PASU) $7,925.00 (none) 0% PDF More info »
Fleet Street $16,824.00 $16,030.00 5% PDF More info »
Stanford Mock Trial $30,824.00 $26,140.00 18% PDF More info »
Stanford Film Society $14,056.00 $15,038.29 -7% PDF More info »
Cardinal Free Clinics (Graduate) $9,349.80 $8,917.00 5% PDF More info »
Stanford Solar Car Project (Undergraduate) $73,374.30 $105,203.31 -30% PDF More info »
Stanford Undergraduate Research Association $26,063.51 $27,166.09 -4% PDF More info »
Stanford in Government $38,769.00 $38,560.00 1% PDF More info »
Stanford Collaborative Orchestra $6,975.40 $9,029.90 -23% PDF More info »
LChayim $8,580.00 $5,365.77 60% PDF More info »
Black Family Gathering Committee (Undergraduate) $89,971.88 $114,250.00 -21% PDF More info »
The Womxn's Coalition $8,580.00 (none) 0% PDF More info »
Stanford Women in Politics $16,770.00 $16,350.00 3% PDF More info »
Viennese Ball (Undergraduate) $12,285.00 $12,000.00 2% PDF More info »
The Bridge Peer Counseling Center $8,400.00 $9,790.00 -14% PDF More info »
O-Tone $12,040.00 (none) 0% PDF More info »
Stanford Jump Rope $18,695.00 $19,230.00 -3% PDF More info »
Stanford Martial Arts Program (Graduate) $14,546.14 $10,890.75 34% PDF More info »
Akasma Bellydance $8,818.00 $8,985.00 -2% PDF More info »
Stanford Raagapella $14,755.80 $25,660.00 -42% PDF More info »
Stanford Robotics Club $45,233.91 $43,113.00 5% PDF More info »
Stanford African Students Association (SASA) $69,150.00 $44,437.00 56% PDF More info »
Los Salseros de Stanford $32,499.57 $30,985.35 5% PDF More info »
Stanford Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Enthusiasts Engineers Entrepreneurs $26,321.45 $26,695.35 -1% PDF More info »

Senior Class President slates

Sunshine Slate (validated with 100 signatures)

With senior year approaching, we will work to brighten up the real and fun sides of our final year. We want our class be optimistic about life after Stanford while enjoying our remaining time through activities like senior nights, Life 101, Match 20, Faces of Our Year, and more! We believe that perspective, inclusivity, community, and resources are integral to actualizing our vision for the Class of 2020.

See our full statement here!

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Junior Class President slates

21 Jump Street (validated with 100 signatures)

Hey there! We’re 21 Jump Street--David, Celine, Johnathan, Zarah, Robert, and N’Naserri--and we’re running for Junior Class Presidents! We bring a variety of experience from all over campus as frosh council presidents and reps, current sophomore class presidents and cabinet members, club leaders, ASSU leaders and more!

We’re running to be your Junior Class Presidents to continue the work we’ve done so far to provide much needed resources to the class of 2021 and to further solidify efforts to catalyze a strong and healthy class community.

Check out our full slate statement here!

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Sophomore Class President slates

The Stanford LorAXE (validated with 100 signatures)

Hello frosh! It’s Ari, Jackson, Juyon, and Nidhi. We’re The Stanford LorAXE, and we speak for the trees.

Stanford’s freshman year experience is built to cultivate community. Band Run, Scav Hunt, Frosh Formal, late nights at late night – these are the memories we cherish. These are the events that forge lasting friendships. However, a lot changes between freshman and sophomore year: Stanford’s novelty wears off, communities are split, and class-oriented events become few and far between.

This doesn’t have to be the case. We are committed to making sophomore year as iconic and as memorable as our first.

Explore the branches of the Lorax’s TREE to see how we plan to do it:

[T]hinking About the Future

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!”

Connecting sophomores to resources and opportunities for ...

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Slate of the Union (validated with 100 signatures)

Hey You! It's Monica Tsien, Natalie Longmire-Kulis, Henry Hill-Gorman, and Trinity Donohugh and we are the Slate of the Union

Click here for the short summary infographic of who we are!

Together, we bring a diverse background of interests, skills, and experiences that we believe will make us able to effectively serve as the sophomore class presidents. Natalie and Henry currently serve as representatives, and Monica is currently the President of Frosh Council. Outside of Frosh Council, all four of us are heavily involved in a variety of different clubs and activities. Trinity is involved in Stanford Women in Business, ASES and training for triathlons. Monica loves being a part of Stanford Women in Business, dancing, and making fun and energetic videos. Natalie dedicates herself to working on events in Stanford in Government, attempting to bake, and trying to spend as much time outdoors as possible. And Henry can ...

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The Dream Team (validated with 100 signatures)

The Lineup

Adi is from Scottsdale, AZ and lives in Larkin House in Stern Hall (big Larkin Love guy). He is planning on studying computer science and public policy. On campus, he is involved with the Stanford Polo Club, Stanford VC Club, and the CS + Social Good Design Studio. His favorite things to do are running out of meal plan dollars at week 4, counting the number of people who have fallen asleep in the Bender Room, and napping between classes to recover from his caffeine crashes.

Tiffany is from San Ramon, CA and lives in Cedro in Wilbur Hall. She is super undeclared (but thinking of SymSys and English). On campus, she is a part of Urban Styles, Kids with Dreams, Stanford Marketing, and Dollies (❤️ LSJUMB!!). Her hobbies include dancing (and watching dance videos on Youtube), writing and reading, and playing Word Hunt!

Karsten was born and raised in ...

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Undergraduate Senate candidates

Emily Elliott (validated with 100 signatures)

Hi my name is Emily Elliott and I'm excited to be running for Senate!

A little bit about me: I am Korean and native Chinook from the Columbia River. I am from San Diego, California (so-cal!!) and I'm a dancer (in Alliance!). I am a freshman living in Larkin (#LarkinLove) and I'm interested in studying earth systems and Native American studies. I am also involved in the Native community on campus as a member of the Stanford American Indian Organization and the Powwow planning committee.

As one of your candidates for Senate here are some of my priorities:

1.) Engaging community centers and empowering these community spaces

As an active part of the Native community on campus I have found community spaces to be so important and helpful, so I want to make more conversations within freshman dorms to integrate students into these sooner. I think that ...

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Elvis Zhang (validated with 100 signatures)

Hi everyone,

My name is Elvis Zhang and I'm running for undergraduate senate because I want to represent all students and prioritize substance over bureaucracy. As an international student and student of color, I would like to focus on high impact, achievable reforms such as accelerating need-blind financial aid for international students, boosting conversations around mental health, and reforming leave of absence policy. If you have any questions or simply want to chat, feel free to email me or message me at my number: 215-356-0819.


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Yaron Sternberg (validated with 100 signatures)

In the past, I have tried my best to hide from student politics at Stanford. However, despite my best efforts, this home I care for so deeply has some serious issues that need to be addressed; I am determined to help solve these issues for our community.

As a Yemenite Jewish student from a FLI background, I am all too familiar with the intersecting struggles many in our community are forced to deal with on a daily basis. As a freshman in SLE, I felt attacked when a visiting lecturer questioned and minimized the Holocaust in front of my class, forcing me to address often unseen issues of anti-Semitism on our campus. I knew I had to respond.

In response, I co-sponsored a bill with current senator Matthew Wigler to address anti-Semitism on campus, opening a conversation about broader efforts to expand diversity sensitivity training. I recognize that there are ...

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Munira Alimire (validated with 100 signatures)

Endorsed by SOCC, FLIP, Fossil Free, and Womxn’s Coalition.

Hey y’all! My name is Munira Alimire and I’m running for Senate to give you the power, resources, and opportunities to empower yourself and create long-lasting change on this campus.

We know the people are what make Stanford the beautiful, wonderful place it can be-however, the wonderful people that we know on this campus are frequently not given the resources they need to thrive- ranging from the treatment of mental health crises on campus to the frequent unintentional marginalization of FLI students. If we want our people to thrive, we must offer solutions to the following:

Issues concerning FLI students

  • Course fees are often prohibitively high and unaffordable

  • Fees related to extracurricular activities prevent students from joining

  • Lack of knowledge and available resources

  • Tokenization of FLI voices

Issues concerning mental health

  • Inadequate CAPS funding

  • Police as first responders ...

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Antonia Hellman (validated with 100 signatures)

No statement submitted.

Veronica Ayala (validated with 100 signatures)

Hello! My name is Veronica Ayala and I am running for ASSU Senate.

Stanford is far from the ideal institution it claims to be. The administration often falls short in fixing the problems on this campus, let alone hearing what we have to say. This institution fails to recognize that many of their students are members of marginalized groups that are constantly targeted on campus.

• While there has been much progress with the support given to FLI (first generation and/or low income) students, we are not given the all of the necessary resources to thrive.

• Students are not given the mental health resources they desperately need.

• “student organizations,” particularly SCR, continue to generate hostility among students by inviting anti-semitic and racist speakers.

I believe these problems mentioned have no place here on this campus. I absolutely believe that we can make a difference.

It will be difficult to solve ...

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Maxine Gomez (validated with 100 signatures)

No statement submitted.

Muhammad Khattak (validated with 100 signatures)

No statement submitted.

Mustafa Khan (validated with 100 signatures)

My objective: A Stanford that is inclusive and all-encompassing for all students, without discrimination. A Senate that is transparent and open, representative and active.

The Senate has, in recent years, found difficulty in maintaining an open relationship with the student body. Minimal Senator retention year-to-year has brought with it decreased retention of institutional knowledge; projects often stall or lose traction, or require incoming Senators to recap ground already previously covered.

After working within the ASSU in various capacities this year, I am running for Senate because I am determined to integrate a bottom-up approach to what is a very much top-down institution. I want to engage the warm, smart, and hardworking students of Stanford directly with the student government they vote into office. I bring with me close cooperation with members of the current Senate as a Senate Associate, a strong sense of serving the student community from my experiences ...

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Joshua Pe (validated with 100 signatures)

Endorsed by SOCC (Students of Color Coalition) and FLIP (First-Gen and/or Low-Income Partnership)

Hi everyone,

My name is Joshua Pe and I am running for the ASSU Undergraduate Senate because I care about all students, particularly students of color, low-income students, and LGBTQIA+ students.

To know me better here are some of the things that I have been and am working on this year:

* I’m working in the FLI (first-generation and/or low-income) community through the FLI Office. I’ve been working with RFs (Resident Fellows) and student staff to address issues that affect marginalized and underrepresented students’ and their sense of inclusion/belonging within dorms.

* I’m working through FLIP (FLI Partnership) to create programming for students to discuss their differences and experiences. For example, modifying the format of “Can We Talks” and expanding discussions to allies of the FLI community.

* I'm working through Frosh Council ...

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Jennalei Louie (validated with 100 signatures)

Hi everyone! My name is Jennalei. I am currently the ASSU Co-Director of Mental Health & Wellness, alongside Trenton Chang. After working in the Executive Cabinet this year, I’ve decided to run for Senate so that I can continue the advocacy work that I’ve come to love. Despite all the frustrations that exist within the bureaucratic system of Stanford, I am committed to continue representing the voices at Stanford that are often neglected or forgotten.

We’ve come a long way, and Stanford continues to improve because we, as students, have kept administrators accountable. However, despite all the strides in inclusivity and diversity, I think that Stanford still suffers from complacency. As a system, the response to the needs of students is often reactive, and that shouldn’t be the case. We should be working together with admin to be proactive and address problems directly.

With all my efforts ...

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Nandini Naidu (validated with 100 signatures)

No statement submitted.

Sarah Saboorian (validated with 100 signatures)

Hey! My name is Sarah and I am running for ASSU Senate on a platform that makes student wellbeing a top priority.

As someone who is passionate about making a difference, I am running for senate to do the advocacy work that so excites me. My platform is a clear, concise, and concrete one as my time in working with the Senate Associate Program has shown me that is how change is truly made.


Endorsed by the Students of Color Coalition

Active member of the Senate Associate Program

Through SAP I have been able to learn about how to be the most effective Senator I can possibly be, especially in regards to navigating the proper channels to get student needs and concerns heard by the administration. Furthermore, I have been able to pursue a SAP Advocacy Project of my choosing, mine being the further promotion of Callisto— a project ...

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Jessica Gonzalez (validated with 100 signatures)

No statement submitted.

Jack Chapman (validated with 100 signatures)

No statement submitted.

Kobe Hopkins (validated with 100 signatures)



We Should Talk.

@SCR: Are you tired of targeting, attacking, and vilifying people of color? Because we are. Do y'all understand that ethnic-themed dorms and community centers are not "ethnic-nationalistic" hubs who have it out for white people, but are instead crossroads of race and identity that foster the most diversity and interracial contact on campus? (If that had to be said, here it is. Period.)


@FLI_Students: Does having to continuously navigate and disclose your own socioeconomic background with people from the top 1% in order to receive close-to bare minimum support feel emotionally/physically draining for y'all, or is that just me?


@Frosh: How was your cross-the-line experience? I know the feeling of being "on display" and the tokenization of POC/Womxn/Queer/FLI/Minority folks that is far too overlooked in what is meant to be a unifying and community-building activity ...

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Ricky Grannis-Vu (validated with 100 signatures)


  • I support making it easier to waive ASSU fees. Currently, it’s difficult to find out how to waive ASSU fees and by what deadline.
  • I support more communication and leniency in allocating funds to student groups. Many student groups this year received significantly less funding than in years past, leading to cutbacks in their organizations' work, because of miscommunication about funding deadlines.
  • I support publicizing the time and location of ASSU meetings and actively inviting students and faculty members to sit it on them. Right now, ASSU meetings are only reported after they occur through the Stanford Daily and, due to article word count limits, the entire event can’t be reproduced in the articles.
  • On that note, I support delegating a duration of time of ASSU meetings to hearing suggestions and taking questions from students and faculty members who attend the meetings.
  • I support greater communication between ...
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Eva Davis (validated with 100 signatures)

Hey y'all!

My name's Eva, and I'm so excited to have the opportunity to earn your vote this year. As an ASSU Senator, I want to focus on high impact, achievable reforms that will improve your Stanford experience day to day. Here are some of the issues where I want to make a difference.

Greater Clarity Around Sexual Assault Reporting

Through Stanford Women in Politics, I have had the opportunity to work with incredible faculty like Michele Dauber who are working to make Stanford safe for survivors. However, for many victims of sexual assault, the reporting process is extremely opaque and stressful. Many victims also have personal information shared with administrators and Resident Deans without their consent, which can create additional trauma.

Victims have a right to a clear, fair, accessible method of reporting, as well as to understand the conditions surrounding their decision to report. As ...

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Kayla Williams (validated with 100 signatures)

Hey friends!

My name is Kayla Williams and I'm running for Undergraduate Senate to ensure that you are being heard, represented, and advocated for in the decision making process that affects your experience here the most.

Many are going to make promises to be an extension of you on Senate, but TALK IS CHEAP. You should vote for the those who are prepared to back it up, and anyone who knows me knows that I am all about action.

Consider me if you'd like to see

  • an increase in the accessibility of information surrounding available financial resources for students.

  • the removal/ limiting of financial barriers to courses.

-comprehensive plans to respond to hostile social climates without infringing on one's freedom of speech.

-mental health resources that adequately respond to the stresses that accompany attendance at an elite institution like ours.

-allocation of funds toward speakers and events ...

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Henry Liera (validated with 100 signatures)

No statement submitted.

Jonathan Lipman (validated with 100 signatures)

Hi! I’m Jonathan and I’m excited to be running for senate.

You can find my full platform here

I’m running on a platform of pragmatic and commonsense changes that will improve the Stanford student experience for those who are struggling the most on a day to day basis.

Core Issues:

  • Uplift Minority Student Voices During Decision Making
  • Increase Support for CAPS
  • Reform ASSU Funding Policies
  • Ban Student Course Fees and Always Provide No Questions Asked Financial Aid For Extracurriculars
  • Support for the Disability Community
  • Promote Environmental Justice
  • Engage in Partnership between ASSU and Administration
  • Title IX, Sexual Assault, and Relationship Violence

I currently serve on the Stanford Student Enterprises’ Board of Directors (SSE is the financial arm of the ASSU), the Academic Senate Committee on Undergraduate Standards and Policies (where I’ve been a strong advocate for minority and traditionally overlooked populations at Stanford), and I’m ...

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Shouryaman Saha (validated with 100 signatures)



I love Stanford. I don't think I've ever loved anything that deeply before (minus parents, dog, that sort of thing). But I do think there are a number of inherent flaws in our school that we must address immediately, and I believe my platform will best serve to improve the undergraduate experience. I will strive to achieve accessibility for everyone, in all its forms. I’ve divided my policy proposals into four parts for ease and clarity:

Educational Accessibility: One of the most prominent complaints I’ve heard from students is the falsehood of allegedly “frosh-friendly” opportunities. Personally, I have definitely experienced the anxiety of finding a summer job and know that most students feel the same way as Spring Quarter rolls around. Handshake is decidedly useless – my friends and I have applied to countless “frosh-friendly” jobs both on- and off-campus to no avail ...

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Amber Patrick (validated with 100 signatures)

Hey everyone,

My name is Amber Patrick and I am running to be one of your representatives on ASSU Senate. I have been active in the Stanford community through participation in organizations like Frosh Council, the Society of Black Scientists and Engineers, Blackprint, the Society of International Affairs at Stanford, and Stanford in Government. Through my experiences interacting with different members of our community, I have encountered many instances of insufficient efforts being made to support each student. I am running for Senate because I believe that Stanford should help all students equally.

Some of my goals for Senate next year include:

Ensuring equitable funding for student organizations

Student organizations are an integral part of the Stanford community. Especially for those that come from underrepresented backgrounds, student groups are a primary way of acclimating to the university. For this reason, funding for the more impactful organizations on campus should be ...

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Jose Sabau (validated with 100 signatures)

No statement submitted.

Richard Coca (validated with 100 signatures)

Hi hi hi, For those of you who I haven’t gotten around to meet, my name is Richard, but you can call me Rich. I am running for the undergraduate Senate to ultimately represent you. If you haven’t met me yet, then you should know that I am one of many individuals who genuinely love Stanford. Not a day goes by that I don’t consider how lucky I am to be surrounded by individuals like you. Similarly, not a day goes by that I am reminded that Stanford could be doing so much better. In my short time being here, several issues have come to my attention. You’ll find that several of these issues are what my campaign hopes to address. As a senator, I would be your advocate and I currently hoping to advocate for you on behalf of the following issues:

Marginalization of first-gen ...

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Sam Schimmel (validated with 100 signatures)

Hello, my name is Sam Schimmel. I am an Alaska Native freshman with proven success in advocating for communities on the local, State, and Federal levels. I am endorsed by The Stanford Students of Color Coalition (SOCC), The Stanford Daily, and FLIP and I am running to give Stanford Students, particularly low-income students and students of color, a seat at the table in the most important policy considerations. Students struggling with mental health are marginalized, first-generation and low-income students like myself are limited by our economic status, the freshmen experience is under attack, and sexual assault occurs far too often. I am running for ASSU Senate to address these issues, to provide a voice for marginalized Stanford students, and to ensure that all Stanford experiences are as positive as possible.


Read full candidate statement

Stephen Sills (validated with 100 signatures)

Hello! My name is Stephen Sills-pays-the-Bills with the advocacy Skills to represent our community!!

And I am very happy to announce my platform for ASSU senate! I would love your supporting in ensuring Stanford lives up to its ideals of liberty, community, and equal opportunity!

Stanford University was founded in the spirit of these values, and yet our campus being torn apart, our communities are being torn apart, being ostracized on the basis of race, socio-economic background. As a FLI Asian, Mexican-American student who has been one of the thousands of others vilified by our current climate, I am here to tell you that it does not have to be this way. Join me, as students of color, as queer students, as FLI students, as STANFORD students, in showing the world we can be better than this!

Here is my platform, and I hope that you will join me in ...

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Tim Vrakas (validated with 100 signatures)

I've been heavily involved with the Senate for two years: I've attended senate meetings since freshman fall and am currently an ex-officio member of the 20th Senate, and the proxy for senator Michal Skreta. Together we've worked on several important issues:

  • Recommended a new financial aid policy for summer CPT (career-practical training) for international students
  • Worked with the University to encourage a quota-based printing system
  • Assisted international economics students to receive extended training visas by reclassifying economics under a STEM CIP code

As well as managing the disbursement of 2.2 million dollars of student fees.

Going forward, I'd like to focus on the ASSU funding system. Many student groups are dissatisfied by the ASSU funding process. The root of this problem is the handling of Annual Grants. In just two weeks, the appropriations committee works to approve over 2.2 million dollars of funding for ...

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cass plowman (validated with 100 signatures)

Hey everyone,

I am running for ASSU Senate to bring transparency to Stanford administrative policy, make the Stanford community more inclusive for marginalized groups, and develop more substantive campus political discussion.

Having covered campus politics for Stanford Politics, I've watched important issues like mental health policy, sexual assault reporting, and due process for fraternities raised repeatedly, but with little to no progress made. I am committed to promoting greater awareness of these issues in the Stanford community so that administrators are finally held accountable on these subjects.

If you have any concerns about campus life, or just wanna talk, feel free to reach out to me at cplowman@stanford.edu.

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Micheal Brown (validated with 100 signatures)

Hey y'all,

My name is Micheal Brown, and I want to bring the Senate "back to the basics."

I am running for a place on the Undergraduate Senate because I believe that there are a few issues for students, which, if remedied, would improve student life at Stanford. I want to be a part of the solution; I want to work so that every Stanford student can have a positive experience. What I’ve learned in my time here is that so much more unites the Stanford student body than divides us. I want to be a Senator who represents every single Stanford student, regardless of our differences; that’s including you!

My candidacy is characterized by exuberance and competence. One of my most significant on-campus commitments is as an ex-oficio Senate member in the Senate Associate Program (SAP), where I spend time going to Senate meetings and meeting ...

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Anthony Duarte (validated with 100 signatures)

Hello Friends! :)

My name's Anthony Duarte and I am excited to make Stanford your H.O.M.E., with the support of the Student's of Color Coalition.

H: Health.

  • Menstrual Health: FREE MENSTRUAL HYGIENE PRODUCTS! (I mean come on, it's time).

  • Mental Health: INCREASED ACCESS AND FUNDING TO CAPS! (particularly for students of color that may feel a lack of cultural sensitivity)

O: Opportunity

  • Expand FLI Opportunities

  • Increase Disability Access and have a Disability Community Center

  • Increased funding for Community Centers

M: Management

  • Transparency between Administration and the Student Body

  • Transparency between ASSU and the Student Body

E: Environment

  • Divest the endowment from Fossil Fuels

  • Reduce carbon footprint from students traveling to the airport by providing shuttle services

  • Include Scope 3 Emissions (indirect emissions from transportation) in our carbon neutrality goals

  • Decrease (or discontinue) the campus-wide consumption of single-use plastics

yay, send tweet,

Anthony Duarte aaduarte@stanford ...

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Zan Benitez (validated with 100 signatures)

Hello, my name is Zan.

I'm running for senate because of our shared values: gender, equality, identity, and justice. I'm running for Senate and my platform will be focused on mental health, community engagement, and advocating for marginalized students at Stanford.

A little about me: At my last college, I was Vice President and then eventual President of the Student Government Association. During my time as a leader in SGA, I was able to get my college a dedicated food pantry as well as ensure that funding for the food pantry come from our student fees and the college's budget. I also advocated for bills that helped young women in college that were sexually assaulted and or harassed have more power over their situations in addition to other concerns for the student body. I'm Latinx (Mexican), Native American, first-gen, United States Army AIRBORNE veteran and a ...

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Martin Altenburg (validated with 100 signatures)

Hi everyone!

My name is Martin Altenburg and I am running for re-election for Stanford’s Undergraduate Senate. I am passionate about academic accessibility, extracurricular accessibility, ASSU transparency, and advocacy efforts across campus. I am excited to run for a second term with the hope of bridging institutional knowledge between this year’s senate and next year’s.

My platform both continues the work I have been able to accomplish with the ASSU senate this year, along with new ideas and initiatives going into next year.


-Over this fall and winter, I was able to publish a new Student Activities Directory (created with the help of Mustafa Khan) to help guide frosh and other Stanford students through the myriad of opportunities available on campus. This spring, I am focusing on working with NSO staff to make this resources available to incoming frosh next year. My goal is to help students ...

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Mià Theresa Bahr (validated with 100 signatures)

Endorsed by the Stanford Students of Color Coalition

Hi! My name Mià Theresa and I'm a candidate who gives a sh*t.

As an active member of several activist communities on campus, I am running for Senate to represent my fellow marginalized students, fight for better accessibility to opportunities on campus, and push for more transparency between the administrators and the student body.

But most importantly, as someone who lives on campus with the rest of you, I'm running because I know things have to change.

I love Stanford, and I couldn't imagine calling another place home. However, that does not make me ignorant to the fact that this university is nowhere near perfect. Marginalized voices on this campus are continually silenced and the needs of our peers are often left unaddressed. Though we as a whole are making progress towards inclusivity, diversity, and equality on campus ...

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