Executive slates

Associated Students of Stanford (pending validation)


If elected, we will propose a resolution to rename the Associated Students of Stanford University with a more concise identifier, Associated Students of Stanford.

"We also care about [ISSUE]!”

Think of one now. Yes, we care about that one.

  • New Alcohol Policy: Non-euclidian containers only
  • Shipping all caterpillars to Berkeley
  • Implementation of [REDACTED]
  • 4-step authentication


Q: How old are you, twelve?
A: Yes.
Q: Who are you, and why are you in my election?
A: Yes.
Q: Is this for real, or is it some half-baked attempt at satire?
A: Yes.
Q: What if you guys actually win?
A: No.

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Shanta-Rosie (pending validation)

"No decisions about us, without us"

We are a team of undergraduate and graduate students passionate about student representation at the decision-making table. Shanta is a junior and a former ASSU Undergraduate Senate Chair and Rosie is a PhD candidate in the Graduate School of Education and current Graduate Student Council Co-Chair. Together, we have cultivated strong working relationships with the highest levels of Stanford’s administration. Our vision for Stanford spans 5 main themes: diversity and inclusion, housing access and affordability, student health and wellness, sexual violence policies, and graduate-undergraduate partnerships. Below are just a few highlights of our initiatives under each theme but we are happy to chat in greater detail about all of the ways in which we can work to make Stanford better. Feel free to reach out to skatipam@stanford.edu and crnelson@stanford.edu if you want to get to know us and our ...

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Khaled-Ocon (pending validation)


Equip: students and community members with the resources to thrive at Stanford

Elevate: the voices of all students to advance the inclusivity, growth, and progress of the Cardinal community

Enhance: the college experience both academically and socially for all

Ensure: that efforts are taken to promote campus safety and address sexual assault

Mission Statement:

Our executive slate is working to Elevate student voices, Enhance the college experience for all students, Ensure the safety of all, and Equip all students and community members with the necessary resources and support to thrive at Stanford.


  • Equip community centers with the resources necessary to best support our communities
  • Advocate for sizable increases to all community center budgets
  • Advocate for the hiring of additional full-time professional staff in our centers to reflect the growing populations our community centers serve
  • Establish a sexual assault prevention training program for community center student staff ...
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Grad Student Council (Graduate at Large District) candidates

Kari Barclay

No statement submitted.

Gabby Badica

No statement submitted.

Grad Student Council (GSB District) candidates

Doug Hollin

No statement submitted.

Aditya Ranjan

No statement submitted.

Grad Student Council (Graduate Earth Science District) candidates

Shanna Chu

No statement submitted.

Grad Student Council (School of Education District) candidates

David Song

No statement submitted.

Rosie Nelson

No statement submitted.

Grad Student Council (Graduate School of Engineering District) candidates

Andrew Jabara

No statement submitted.

Rui Liu

No statement submitted.

Isaac Matthews

No statement submitted.

Beliz Gunel

No statement submitted.

Yiqing Ding

No statement submitted.

Isa Rosa

No statement submitted.

Abísola Kusimo

No statement submitted.

Ana Maria Tarano

Please note this is a draft intended to be finalized by March 1st.

Summary of Issues I Intend to Fight for

PhD students should not be paying for their degrees with loans. I will make sure that departments who violate this principle are held accountable and that we find solutions to this growing self-funded PhD epidemic. I will also bring forward diversity and inclusion issues and propose solutions for communities who identify as underrepresented minorities, including first-gen/low-income, people of color, women, LQBTQI+, etc. I plan on having office hours to allow people to discuss their issues so that I can proactively represent them. I understand that housing and food insecurity are issues that affect most of the graduate community and will work with the Graduate Life Office to increase housing affordability. I also want to dismantle the "norm" by which it is a given that graduate students will suffer ...

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Ricardo Peterson

No statement submitted.

Grad Student Council (H&S-Humanities District) candidates

Juan Lamata

No statement submitted.

Frank Mondelli

No statement submitted.

Grad Student Council (H&S-Natural Sciences District) candidates

Melanie Malinas

No statement submitted.

Grad Student Council (Law School District) candidates

Nicolas Garcia

No statement submitted.


Fossil Duel Divestment (pending validation)

In accordance with Stanford’s commitment to ethical investment, the University should divest its endowment from fossil fuel extraction companies in order to avert further environmental and social harm caused by climate change.

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