Executive slates

Means/Lozano (validated with 200 signatures)

We are running for Exec with Community and Progress at the forefront of our minds and at the center of our efforts. We understand Stanford students are a diverse set of people, yet we are all bound together by our affiliation to Stanford. We come from different communities and different student groups but are goals are the same, to make Stanford a better place for all. Pablo and I love the opportunities that Stanford has given us, but we know there are still issues around diversity, class, inclusivity, and in general both physical and mental safety and care on this campus that need to be addressed. We hope to work with and for the student body to make Stanford better.

Sexual Assault and Gender Based Issues

We know that the issues of sexual and gender based violence are nuanced issues that cannot be solved overnight, but we believe through education ...

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Justice & Vicki (validated with 200 signatures)

Hey Stanford!

We are Justice Tention and Vicki Niu and together we are running for ASSU Exec. We’re excited and we’re prepared to represent you. As ASSU Senator, Freshman RA, and co-founder of CS+Social Good, we’ve dedicated our time at Stanford to impact and we're ready to spend our senior year serving the entire the entire student body. Together we bring:

EXPERIENCE: Exec is a role that requires hand-off. Exec needs intimate knowledge of the ASSU to understand what progress had been made, what's left, and where to pick up. Justice served as Appropriations Chair of the ASSU Senate, working to ensure all clubs and student groups get the funding and resources they need for you to do what you love. Vicki co-founded CS+Social Good, one of the largest student groups on this campus that provides opportunities for Stanford students both on campus ...

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Khaled/Ocon (validated with 200 signatures)

We're not here to make vague promises! We're here to make real change! Content is what makes the difference.

We are running for ASSU Executive because we believe in the unlimited potential of the Stanford student body to effect meaningful and lasting change. Stanford, if it is to be a home to all, must ensure the safety of every single student, it must promote the validity and security of the many identities represented, and it must reflect, in its leadership and actions, the diversity that makes our student body the vibrant and indomitable culture it is. To this end, we formally submit our respective bids for election to the posts of ASSU President and ASSU Vice President. https://www.khaled-ocon.com

What needs to be done:

As ASSU executive, we promise to:

  • Ensure ample funding for community centers and spaces.

  • Reform Stanford Student Title IX policies as they ...

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Stanford Flipside (validated with 200 signatures)

Under the guise of caring about your needs and concerns, Jason Seter and Deedee Anderson propose these initiatives for making Stanford a better place to learn and grow.

--A movement to replace all teachers with glow-in-the-dark mannequins.

--Substantive policy changes to modernize Stanford's nuclear program.

--Free dental.

--If elected, we'll fit our whole fists in our mouths.

--More Chobani yogurts. You know, the ones that get all soupy at the top.

--Passage of legislation allowing for more than one aged troll per steam tunnel.

--Fewer squirrels, because they're honestly just rats with fluffy tails.

--We'll let you play Arthur Iula's Xbox. We asked if it was okay, and he told us yeah, it's fine.

--More Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest screenings.

A vote for us is a vote for whimsy and delight. We won't let you down, unless you need ...

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