Executive slates

Khaled-Ocon (validated with 200 signatures)

Endorsed by the Students of Color Coalition, a coalition composed of the Asian American Student Association, Black Student Union, Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, Muslim Student Union, Stanford American Indian Association, and Stanford National Association for Advancement of Colored People

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Equip: students and community members with the resources to thrive at Stanford

Elevate: the voices of all students to advance the inclusivity, growth, and progress of the Cardinal community

Enhance: the college experience both academically and socially for all

Ensure: that efforts are taken to promote campus safety and address sexual assault

Mission Statement:

Our executive slate is a coalition of Graduate, Coterminal and Undergraduate students working to Elevate student voices, Enhance the college experience for all students, Ensure the safety of all, and Equip all students and community members with the necessary resources and support to thrive at Stanford. We bring to the ...

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Shanta-Rosie (validated with 200 signatures)

"No decisions about us, without us"

Endorsed by FLIP, Stanford Daily, Stanford Bioscience Student Association, BioAIMS (Biomedical Association for the Interest of Minority Students)


We are a trailblazing slate as the first undergraduate-graduate, women of color slate in ASSU history and are excited to bring diverse student representation to the decision-making table. Shanta is a junior and a former ASSU Undergraduate Senate Chair and Rosie is a PhD candidate in the Graduate School of Education and current Graduate Student Council Co-Chair. Together, we have cultivated strong working relationships with the highest levels of Stanford’s administration and have a strong track record of getting work done. We have partnered with Graduate Student Council candidates in the schools of Medicine, Humanities & Sciences, Engineering, and Education to form this year’s Graduate Empowerment Coalition, a group committed to engaging in and supporting long-term graduate student activism.

Our vision for Stanford ...

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Associated Students of Stanford (validated with 200 signatures)


If elected, we will propose a resolution to rename the Associated Students of Stanford University with a more concise identifier, Associated Students of Stanford.

"We also care about [ISSUE]!”

Think of one now. Yes, we care about that one.

  • New Alcohol Policy: Non-euclidian containers only
  • Shipping all caterpillars to Berkeley
  • Implementation of [REDACTED]
  • 4-step authentication


Q: How old are you, twelve?
A: Yes.
Q: Who are you, and why are you in my election?
A: Yes.
Q: Is this for real, or is it some half-baked attempt at satire?
A: Yes.
Q: What if you guys actually win?
A: No.

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