Rising Seniors Class President slates

MARC TESSENIOR LEV19NE (pending validation)

This April, MARC your ballots for the TESSENIOR-LAV19NES!

M: Meeting 2019

Although this is our final year, there are still so many members of our class that we have yet to know. We hope to sponsor events that give you the opportunity to continue meeting the Class of 2019. Through Philz speed dating, dorm reunions, a senior formal, and other special events throughout the year, we will both connect and reconnect you with the incredible people of our class. We want to complete our time at Stanford with a strong community and lifelong friendships.

A: Alliance with the Student Body

As representatives of the Class of 2019, we strive to embody the values, interests, and unique backgrounds of Stanford seniors. With open office hours, we want to hear your perspectives and see how to best serve you. Our focus is the student body and hearing what you want ...

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Rising Juniors Class President slates

Slate Registration (pending validation)

No statement submitted.

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Rising Sophomores Class President slates

Twenty-One, Twenty-Fun (pending validation)

Who We Are and What We Love:

Celine: Second Term Frosh Council President, LGBTQ, Campus Activism, Stanford Women in Business, Black Panther

Johnathan: First-Generation Low-Income Student, Gaieties, Ram’s Head Theatrical Society, Testimony Christian A Cappella

N’Naserri: Stanford Cheer, Stanford Women in Business, Black Students’ Union, BlackPrint, Campus Activism

Brian: LSJUMB, Stanford AI Group, Environmental Responsibility, First Term Frosh Council President

For our sophomore year, Twenty-One, Twenty-Fun wants to serve you in multiple WAYS! To be specific, with four new WAYS breadth requirements:

1. TAP: Team All People

Our priorities and actions are sourced from the diverse interests, experiences, and identifications of people like you. We’ll work with input from individuals, communities, and Senate reps to publicly uplift topics ranging from increasing inclusivity for FLI, ISO, LGBTQ, and POC communities to addressing Stanford’s work on community centers, sexual assault cases, and campus workers’ rights. We don’t ...

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21 Savages (pending validation)

Just a few 21 Savages with 20/21 vision looking to make sophomore year the best it's ever been.

Statement in the works.

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Scooter Gang (pending validation)

Do it for the culture.

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StanFor-U (pending validation)

We stand for you and the “U”!!

We are four fun-loving flipping fantastic sophomores who strive to support the well-being, diversity, and community of our class.

From serving on Frosh Council to participating in public service organizations to procrastinating on our PSETs at TAP on weekday nights,

We are Sophs for MORE:

M: Mindfulness

We believe that our class is stronger because of our differences, and we want to promote our the amazing diversity that each student and community brings to the table through:

  • “Fireside Chats” w/ MTL to address questions submitted by the Sophomore Class

  • Awareness events planned in collaboration with different ethnic and religious groups

O: Opportunities

While Stanford is full of new and exciting ideas, it can sometimes be overwhelming trying to filter through the noise of email lists and club applications amidst the chaos of too many units. We want to present the Sophomore class with ...

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