Senior Class President slates

Sunshine Slate (validated with 100 signatures)

With senior year approaching, we will work to brighten up the real and fun sides of our final year. We want our class be optimistic about life after Stanford while enjoying our remaining time through activities like senior nights, Life 101, Match 20, Faces of Our Year, and more! We believe that perspective, inclusivity, community, and resources are integral to actualizing our vision for the Class of 2020.

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Junior Class President slates

21 Jump Street (validated with 100 signatures)

Hey there! We’re 21 Jump Street--David, Celine, Johnathan, Zarah, Robert, and N’Naserri--and we’re running for Junior Class Presidents! We bring a variety of experience from all over campus as frosh council presidents and reps, current sophomore class presidents and cabinet members, club leaders, ASSU leaders and more!

We’re running to be your Junior Class Presidents to continue the work we’ve done so far to provide much needed resources to the class of 2021 and to further solidify efforts to catalyze a strong and healthy class community.

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Sophomore Class President slates

The Dream Team (validated with 100 signatures)

The Lineup

Adi is from Scottsdale, AZ and lives in Larkin House in Stern Hall (big Larkin Love guy). He is planning on studying computer science and public policy. On campus, he is involved with the Stanford Polo Club, Stanford VC Club, and the CS + Social Good Design Studio. His favorite things to do are running out of meal plan dollars at week 4, counting the number of people who have fallen asleep in the Bender Room, and napping between classes to recover from his caffeine crashes.

Tiffany is from San Ramon, CA and lives in Cedro in Wilbur Hall. She is super undeclared (but thinking of SymSys and English). On campus, she is a part of Urban Styles, Kids with Dreams, Stanford Marketing, and Dollies (❤️ LSJUMB!!). Her hobbies include dancing (and watching dance videos on Youtube), writing and reading, and playing Word Hunt!

Karsten was born and raised in ...

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Slate of the Union (validated with 100 signatures)

Hey You! It's Monica Tsien, Natalie Longmire-Kulis, Henry Hill-Gorman, and Trinity Donohugh and we are the Slate of the Union

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Together, we bring a diverse background of interests, skills, and experiences that we believe will make us able to effectively serve as the sophomore class presidents. Natalie and Henry currently serve as representatives, and Monica is currently the President of Frosh Council. Outside of Frosh Council, all four of us are heavily involved in a variety of different clubs and activities. Trinity is involved in Stanford Women in Business, ASES and training for triathlons. Monica loves being a part of Stanford Women in Business, dancing, and making fun and energetic videos. Natalie dedicates herself to working on events in Stanford in Government, attempting to bake, and trying to spend as much time outdoors as possible. And Henry can ...

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The Stanford LorAXE (validated with 100 signatures)

Hello frosh! It’s Ari, Jackson, Juyon, and Nidhi. We’re The Stanford LorAXE, and we speak for the trees.

Stanford’s freshman year experience is built to cultivate community. Band Run, Scav Hunt, Frosh Formal, late nights at late night – these are the memories we cherish. These are the events that forge lasting friendships. However, a lot changes between freshman and sophomore year: Stanford’s novelty wears off, communities are split, and class-oriented events become few and far between.

This doesn’t have to be the case. We are committed to making sophomore year as iconic and as memorable as our first.

Explore the branches of the Lorax’s TREE to see how we plan to do it:

[T]hinking About the Future

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!”

Connecting sophomores to resources and opportunities for ...

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