Rising Seniors Class President slates

Camp Stand for U (validated with 100 signatures)

Stanford can get tough. Everyone struggles, rejection is everywhere, bike lights (and entire bikes) get stolen, Fraiche was replaced by The Grill which has been replaced by Decadence, the University is urging against recreational water activities in Lake Lag, and even in paradise, it’s not always sunny.

Camp Stand for U believes that what makes this campus so bright are the incredible everyday moments of community and support, helping each other up, pushing each other on.

We -- TG Sido, Maddie Bradshaw, Kyle D’Souza, and Liz Trinh -- want to be a part of those good-rolling times. We come from completely different corners of campus life, with eclectic friend groups, various extracurriculars, and diverse majors. Drawing from our assorted experiences, we want to dedicate our senior year to serving the Class of 2018, you all, for our final undergraduate year on The Farm. We want everyone, not just a few ...

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Gradu18 (validated with 100 signatures)

Lake Lag has water... The band is back... and there were 3 sunny days this week instead of 2. Things are really looking up here at Camp Stanford, and as we move into our last year on the Farm, we understand that each person has their own unique goals and bucket list items that they want to fulfill. That's where we come in. We want to make sure that you love senior year as much as Stanford loves its 750 mL bottles.

We are Gradu18 - four people who care tremendously about what next year looks like for you. Though we can’t provide a time machine to bring you back to the good ole days of Freshman year, we can do everything in our power to have one final hurrah, and make sure that you have an outstanding last year at Stanford (coterm notwithstanding). We have learned a lot ...

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18+ (validated with 100 signatures)

Dear Class of 2018,

We can’t wait for senior year—to celebrate that we’ve made it this far and get ready for our next adventure, whatever that may be. Off to San Francisco? Wisconsin? Shanghai? Grad Student Housing?

We believe in the Senior Class Presidency’s role in making this year memorable and edifying. We aspire to work towards rallying the class together through Senior Nights, speaker series, out-there events, senior-year spins on freshman-year classics like Faculty Dinner and Major Night and much, much more.

But we also care deeply that this office reaches across the diverse communities we are a part of and truly brings our many voices into the fold. As a slate with experience in cabinet but also fully new perspectives and insights into who we are as a class, we think we’re uniquely positioned to listen carefully and thoughtfully. To this end, we ...

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Rising Juniors Class President slates

Slate Farm (validated with 200 signatures)

Slate Farm is bringing FARM back to the Farm...

F: Fun on the Farm

Junior year is crucial to our personal development, both as students and as young professionals. Through stressful career searches, staffing, studying abroad, or heavy academic workloads, it’s easy to forget the importance of balancing self-care and fun. Whether it’s the tradition-laden Full Moon on the Quad or puppies to supplement your finals week, fear not, Slate Farm has got your back!

A: Alliance with the Student Body

As representatives of the class of 2019, we strive to embody the values, interests, and unique backgrounds of Stanford juniors. With open office hours, we want to hear your perspectives and see how to best serve you. Our focus is the student body and hearing what you want from your junior year, whether that’s support for your organizations, more avenues to meet new people, or a ...

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Rising Sophomores Class President slates

SophServe (validated with 100 signatures)


Hey, Class of 2020! We’re Mo, Will, Jonah, and Izzy: four ‘20s in the running to be your sophomore class presidents! In these past few months of treedom, we’ve lived, loved, and learned. We’ve grown. We’ve struggled. We’ve made lifelong friends and unforgettable memories. We’re running to represent this class because we love the Class of 2020, and we want to do everything in our power to make YOUR Stanford experience the best it can be.

Here’s what we’ve planned for our Soph Serve CONE:


The dorm environment has been an integral part of our college experience thus far, and we know first-hand how scary it can feel to think about leaving such a tight-knit family next year. Together, we can work to stop the sophomore slump and stay actively connected with our different communities on campus:

  • Organizing dorm reunions ...
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Golden Slate Warriors (validated with 100 signatures)

~ride our edgy wave~

We are a party of THE PEOPLE.

Potential Policy Options Include:

Stanford One-Child Policy

Fill Lake Lagunita with California tiger salamanders

Build a second Hoover Tower

Build a wall around Cal and make them pay for it with their public funds

Make all dining halls accept bit coin

Create an underground bike transit system via steam tunnel expansion

Make memes the de jure currency of all Stanford R&DE affiliates

Make scary path half as long but twice as scary

Ban all hard alcohol under 749 mL

To stop bike theft, ban all new students until senate can figure out what the hells going on

Guaranteed 4-year education for all students

Turn Full Moon on the Quad into "Moon on the Quad"

What do YOU want?

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Your SophFour (validated with 100 signatures)

Your Soph-Four:

Live More, Laugh More, Sophomore

Hey Stanford Class of 2020! We hope that you are all excited for spring quarter just as much as we are! Dang, we are almost done with our first year and are soon going to be sophomores. We (Zach, Julie, Disha, and Martin, pictured top to bottom) are running to be your Sophomore Class Presidents!

As students, we each feel that we represent different aspects of the Stanford community. As Sophomore class presidents, we each feel that we will be a good contribution to student government because of our diverse and unique backgrounds. Though we don't represent everyone, the key thing about all of us is that we are listeners and doers - so do not be afraid to reach out to us as we do have open ears.

Let’s get to the point: we hate being stressed; you hate being stressed ...

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