International Undergraduate Community (Annual Grant and Special Fee Group)

Special Fee type Undergraduate Annual Grant
Total request amount $19,890.00
Previous Special Fee amount $18,670.00
Change from previous request 7%
Amount per Undergrad $2.85 per year
No petition required!

Special Fee request sponsor
Crystal Zheng,

Group statement

The goal of International Undergraduate Community is to foster cross-community solidarity between domestic and international student communities, through social and cultural events. It will also serve as a support network and conduit to unite the diverse international undergraduates at Stanford. Our activities include social events such as reunion dinners, faculty lunches etc. to provide a platform for social interaction amongst students (open to both international and domestic student bodies).

We are requesting this budget because we would like to increase International Undergraduate community outreach, awareness, and bonding through our events based on feedback from current undergraduate international students. We believe in the importance of bolstering the sense of community among internationals and keeping them connected to enrich Stanford's undergraduate experience.

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