Graduate Constitutional Amendment A: To Ensure the Long-term Financial Viability of the Graduate Student Council (Amendment)

Amendment statement

The quarterly general graduate student fee, which was $16.34 per quarter during the FY 2016-17, be permanently increased by $5.

***GSC Statement: The GSC annual budget is funded in the amount of approximately $100,000 per fiscal year by a mechanism where funds are taken from the reserve account of the GSC to partially fund the GSC’s annual budget. This mechanism was instituted as a method of reducing the reserve account of the GSC after said account was deemed too large, but is unsustainable as it results in a net annual reduction of the GSC’s reserve account. If this mechanism of funding the GSC’s budget is not discontinued, or if this funding disparity is not resolved with the introduction of a new source of funding for the GSC’s annual budget, the GSC will face required and likely dramatic cuts to the organization’s programming budget, which funds the events of registered VSOs and events such as Graduate Formal, the Welcome Back Party, as well as other events and programs that the GSC approves. This problem can be solved with a modest increase in the general student fee charged quarterly to Stanford graduate students.

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