Gradu18 (Rising Seniors Class President slate)

Ibrahim Bharmal
Rachel Morrow
Jack Seaton
Madilyn Ontiveros
Slate statement

Lake Lag has water... The band is back... and there were 3 sunny days this week instead of 2. Things are really looking up here at Camp Stanford, and as we move into our last year on the Farm, we understand that each person has their own unique goals and bucket list items that they want to fulfill. That's where we come in. We want to make sure that you love senior year as much as Stanford loves its 750 mL bottles.

We are Gradu18 - four people who care tremendously about what next year looks like for you. Though we can’t provide a time machine to bring you back to the good ole days of Freshman year, we can do everything in our power to have one final hurrah, and make sure that you have an outstanding last year at Stanford (coterm notwithstanding). We have learned a lot over our years here and we know that we can use our pooled knowledge to have an unbelievable senior year.

Here’s what we have in mind:

Doing more meaningful work...

  • An intentional, deliberate, and increased involvement with ASSU and Faculty Senate

  • Issues we would like to address next year in consortium with these bodies:

    *Encouraging a faculty that reflects its student population

    *Supporting marginalized communities in our class like our International Students

    *Actively working to encourage the culture of Stanford as a sanctuary school

  • Expanding the reach of institutions like DGEN and FLIP

...while letting the good times roll...

  • Senior outings by night, wine and beer tastings, drive in movies at West Wind Drive In, and Formal in San Francisco

  • Senior adventures by day, whale watching, ropes courses, ziplining, trampoline parks, and a senior float at Bay to Breakers

  • Exploring our own campus and its students through a Senior Arts Showcase Gala at Bing, freshmen dorm reunions, Match 18, and class swag

  • Celebrating the 18 on the 18th of each month with a Philz barista, free Krispy Kreme, and puppies in the quad

..and feeling ready, when it’s time to go.

  • See you 18tr Sendoff Series to meet people who will be living in the cities that you will be living and working in after college

  • Computer database to help you find people to live with after school

  • LifeHacks: working sessions and panels on how to buy/rent a home, pay for & handle taxes, apply for loans, and get car/house/life insurance

  • Commencement Speaker: we want to hear from your ideas/suggestions about who to bring for our commencement speaker, please let us know here

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