Golden Slate Warriors (Rising Sophomores Class President slate)

Allison "Teeks on Fleeks" Tielking
Robel "Meme Lord" Daniel
Harrison "Hillary Clinton's Little Bitch" Bronfeld
Hikaru "Seppuku Sedoku" Hotta
Slate statement

~ride our edgy wave~

We are a party of THE PEOPLE.

Potential Policy Options Include:

Stanford One-Child Policy

Fill Lake Lagunita with California tiger salamanders

Build a second Hoover Tower

Build a wall around Cal and make them pay for it with their public funds

Make all dining halls accept bit coin

Create an underground bike transit system via steam tunnel expansion

Make memes the de jure currency of all Stanford R&DE affiliates

Make scary path half as long but twice as scary

Ban all hard alcohol under 749 mL

To stop bike theft, ban all new students until senate can figure out what the hells going on

Guaranteed 4-year education for all students

Turn Full Moon on the Quad into "Moon on the Quad"

What do YOU want?

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