The Stanford Flipside (Annual Grant and Special Fee Group)

Special Fee type Undergraduate Annual Grant
Total request amount $9,500.00
Previous Special Fee amount New request
Amount per Undergrad $1.36 per year
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Special Fee request sponsor
Ben Kaufman,

Group statement


Having already interrupted your lunch and pissed you off with inhumanely difficult rebus puzzles, the Flipside is here to ask for your money.

We're Talkin' Dollars and Cents, Fam

We seek $9,500 o'them greenbacks so that we can:

a) Print the Flipside (an issue every week + the awesome plus-sized issue for Big Game week + the special Admit Weekend edition + the cool collected works book we do at the end of the year), and...

b) Print Cardinal Against Humanity, a Stanny-specific version of the card game yeah yeah yeah you get it. We printed it in 2013, but many (most) of the packs were stolen and all of them contain outdated jokes about some guy named Hennessy and some library between the law school library and Green library. We want to print a bunch of updated copies of the game and distribute them to y'all for free (ignoring the cost of the annual grant)!!


Unlike reality, we love to make you (plural) laugh. We love to get together every week, flex our funny muscles, and try to produce something cool and interesting and genuine and worthwhile. Sometime the results are silly. Sometimes they're clever. And sometimes they're.... yeah. But we want to keep this laugh train a-rollin', and we need some o' that there liquidity to do it.

Vote Flipside,


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