Faa Diallo (Undergraduate Senate candidate)

Candidate statement

Main goal: Currently, we are in the works to gathering information to have better winter housing for both International and Low Income groups who may not be able to go home for various reason ranging from violence in the home to people who cannot afford it. Along with this I am definitely for need-blind admissions for international students. I would also like to expand on transitional programs like LSP (Leland Scholars Program). I believe that there are so many Low-Income and international students that are not receiving the resources they need to transition into an environment like Stanford. Coming from LSP I can tell you that without it I would definitely be going down the wrong path. We need programs that build families like LSP.

I also believe that the University’s top priority needs to shift to create a conversation. We need to start breeding more dialog between people of differing opinions. The tensions are always so high and it seems that we go nowhere with the discourse that is ongoing now. This can have very detrimental effects on how we function as a community. We attend one of the top institutions in the world and need to hold up that reputation by showing the world that we can get through those hard questions.

Change is coming

Please also vote for my running mate running-mate Mauricio Morfin.

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