Erica Scott (Undergraduate Senate candidate)

Candidate statement

Hi everyone! My name is Erica Scott and I’m a freshman living in Serra. After working on Frosh Council this year, I’d really love the opportunity to continue serving the Stanford community next year as a Senator. If elected Senator, my priorities will include advocating for marginalized communities on campus, addressing and preventing sexual violence, improving mental health awareness and resources, and promoting environmental sustainability.

With these broad goals in mind, here are some of the specific policy initiatives I’d like to spearhead:

1. Establishing a financial aid/stipend program for class fees.

Many Mechanical Engineering, Product Design, Art, and Architecture classes require students to pay out of pocket for building materials, art supplies, and access to the Product Realization Lab. This places an undue burden on low-income students and creates barriers to entry for students that want to pursue these majors. I want to create a financial aid framework that will give students assistance in paying class fees – it’s unfair that certain classes at Stanford are significantly more expensive than others.

2. Increasing community center funding.

Stanford has 7 community centers, including the Black Community Services Center, El Centro Chicano y Latino, the Asian American Activities Center, and the Women’s Community Center. These centers are crucial resources on campus for students of color and other marginalized groups - as a black student, I can testify to the important role the BCSC played in facilitating my transition to Stanford. Community centers provide mentorship and leadership opportunities, serve as meeting spaces for student groups, and host programming and events that enrich the Stanford community as a whole. However, the budgets of Stanford’s community centers were slashed during the 2008 recession and have since not been restored to their previous levels, even as the number of students they serve increases. I will build on the efforts of previous Senators and continue fighting for an increase in community center funding – the administration needs to recognize the key role that these centers play in the lives of Stanford students.

3. Reducing campus food waste.

As a member of Stanford Project on Hunger (SPOON), a student group that collects leftover food from dining halls to donate to the hungry, I’ve seen firsthand how much food is discarded on Stanford’s campus. While there have been successful student initiatives to donate and compost food, Stanford still needs to pursue a more comprehensive strategy to decrease food waste and deal with leftover food in a sustainable manner. I believe data collection could aid this effort by helping Stanford pinpoint exactly when, where, and how most food is discarded.

Thank you for taking the time to read my ideas, and you can reach me at if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions!

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