Doris (Dory) Rodriguez (Undergraduate Senate candidate)

Candidate statement

Words backed by Actions

Students for ACTion

With the current political climate in place, it is more important than ever that Senators are not simply attending meetings but also actively bringing up issues that affect our community as a whole.

ACTing means

Holding ourselves Accountable

  • Changes to the ASSU website: Surveys for Undergraduates to easily give input to Senators
  • Taking responsibility as a University for our role in the Gentrification of the Bay Area BY ASKING BIG QUESTIONS: How will the expansion into a "Redwood City Campus" affect the surrounding communities? Why are our summer programs for High School students so unaffordable for the high achieving low-income students in our area?

Taking Care of our Community

  • Trump's executive ban and it's effect on our students: We need to demand legal aid for affected students. If students can't go home, how will Stanford help them with Housing and Food insecurity?
  • Sexual Assault does not end because of an Alcohol ban or a one-time freshman course. We need to incorporate this conversation into our four-year experience, particularly through expanding WAYS courses

Tackling Diversity

  • Reducing Student Debt By: demanding more grant and scholarship information/training for Financial Aid office
  • Providing a long deserved Center for Low-Income and First Gen Students
  • Demanding Faculty Diversity
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