Chapman Caddell (Undergraduate Senate candidate)

Candidate statement

With a year on the Senate behind me, I know just what the ASSU can and cannot do. I’ve spent the last year learning the ins and outs of student government at Stanford, and I’m running for reelection to keep putting that knowledge to work. During my first term, I’ve been committed to transparency, equitable funding, and good governance. I’m currently working on Stanford’s inexcusable lack of transparency in its investments, particularly in the wake of the revelations of the Paradise Papers. Without some basic access to information, we can’t hold the university accountable, especially for its complicity in global climate change. In my first year in office, I authored and passed comprehensive conflict-of-interest reform and created a legislative style guide to make writing bills easy and accessible to all students, not just senators. As the Senate’s Parliamentarian and the Chair of the Administration & Rules Committee, I’ve prioritized holding people in power accountable. As a member of the Appropriations Committee, I’ve poured hundreds of hours over the last year into meeting groups’ needs while keeping your student fees down. Beyond funding and transparency issues, I recently cosponsored a resolution to call on Stanford to honestly address sexual violence on campus and implement the AAU Climate Survey. In the fall, I played a significant role in drafting and passing a resolution that condemned bigotry on Stanford’s campus. In short, I know how the Senate works, and I know where changes can and should be made to improve it. If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to reach out to me at Thanks for your support—I’m looking forward to continuing to represent you and making Stanford a better place.

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