Ana Carolina Queiroz (Undergraduate Senate candidate)

Candidate statement

Hi folks,

I still could be doing my SLE readings, but here am I running for Undergrad Senate. I am Ana Carolina (she/her/hers pronouns), a Brazilian freshman eager to fight for the wellness of groups that have the right to have more voice inside our campus, including (but not limited to) women, students of color and low-income/first-generation students. My work fighting for student empowerment and workers' rights on campus has always been guided by a feminist, intersectional approach, and if you elect me, issues related to gender, class and race will be central on our Senate.

My main goals are:

Promoting student empowerment

  • Foster discussions on race, class and gender promoted by student groups, and make them visible to all Stanford students. Also, encourage students to be more explicit in discussions about privilege, to create collectively ways to impact now and in the future our communities, by embracing diversity and promoting environmentally sustainable and non-oppressive entrepreneurship;
  • Organize and empower student-workers, and seek partnerships with academic departments to make on-campus jobs more connected to the academic experience of students (such as subsidizing labs to hire more undergrads to help with research).

Demanding more mental health assistance and wellness (especially for international and low-income/first-generation students)

  • Expand aid for present and arriving international and low-income/first-gen students, and create a solid structure to help with extra pressure faced, which goes beyond ISO/NSO (International/New Student Orientation) and other freshman Fall events;
  • Increase CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) capacity, to have mental health professionals invested in dealing solely with international and low-income/first-gen students and expand support groups mediated by mental health providers in Stanford community centers.

Creating safe and inviting campus environment for undocumented students:

  • Expand access of information and financial aid for undocumented students, reach out to these communities around the Bay Area, and provide enough support to make the process viable and understandable (including availability of ALL resources on another languages, such as Spanish and Tagalog) for students and their families;
  • Pressure the University to take concrete action to protect undocumented students and workers, such as having a protocol to deal with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), and directly support the work of external community actors that fight for the rights of undocumented people.
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