Ana Queiroz (Undergraduate Senate candidate)

Candidate statement

Hello folks, I am Ana, a Brazilian sophomore/current ASSU Senator :) I plan to use the experience I've gained last year to promote:

Accountability in University's investments Stanford needs to be more transparent in its endowment investments. I plan to undertake the task of demanding more accountability for students and society in general, and being on Senate would provide more contact with both administration and student body.

Partnership between workers and students I will make sure that the voice of workers (from Stanford and beyond) keep being brought to the table. Students can show support, and I will make sure Senate continues becoming a venue in which students can advocate for workers.

Fair student group funding The appropriations committee works hard to allocate student fee money in the best way possible. The past year was filled with positive changes in how funding is made! If I am elected, I will be able to keep working to provide fair funding and improve the process. Funding is extremely important for groups. Making sure that groups that advocate for women and minorities receive fair funding is and will keep being one of my top priorities on Senate.

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