Aamnah Khalid (Undergraduate Senate candidate)

Candidate statement

Freshman. From Lahore, Pakistan. Navigating the nebulous waters of the "Undecided Major."

TLDR: Take back the Senate; Better Axess; quick CAPS; help with College Life 101; Puppies, bunnies and more during DEAD WEEK; Make Dining Halls Great Again; fly FLI; Making Makerspaces; Sustainable Stanford; more job$ for $tudent$

Why am I running for senate? I just really enjoy advocating for the concerns of my fellow students. I love debating on issues and as a member of the senate, I look forward to being a part of debates that have an impact. The most fulfilling experience for me in high school was being a voice for my peers as the head of student government. I want to continue doing that at Stanford!
As an Undergraduate Senate member, I promise to:

• Get the Senate more involved with the student body. It should be your agenda, not the Senate's. Life at Stanford gets busy and many of you don't have the time to attend Senate meetings/ office hours, or to go through public records. I will work on legislation to make it mandatory for senators to regularly and frequently interact with students at residential halls and student groups. Even if this bill fails to pass, I promise to regularly visit residential halls and student group meetings myself to get to know more about what you want the senate to do.

• Reform the process through which students can seek mental health care. Particularly, I will advocate for quicker responses, shorter wait for an appointment and greater availability of specialized support. I will work to increase the ability of students to walk into the Counselling and Psychological Services clinic to seek help without a phone screening. The current phone screening process can be stressful and awkward for some students, especially in crisis situations, and may deter them from seeking the help they need.

• Work for better Axess (pun very much intended). We are the greatest tech school on the planet and we deserve a smoother, better looking and more reliable online platform. I will also push for more reliable and consistent WiFi connectivity in areas that currently lack it.

• Support the FLI community and advocate for their concerns, specifically by working to secure more funding for projects such as The Diversity and First Generation Office’s Opportunity Fund and meals during breaks.

• Assist students in the transition to adult life. To this end, I will organize more financial literacy workshops on campus, push for resources to help students fill out financial paperwork for jobs and taxes, and convince the administration to offer driving lessons to students. I will also persuade the administration to allow increased enrollment in the current "Financial Literacy" course (MS&E 41) by offering it during more quarters and removing the limit on enrollment.

• Advocate for creating more maker spaces on campus, especially within dorms, so that students have easy access to creative tools.

• Implement more sustainable practices on campus. To this end, I will push for reduced energy consumption in buildings and install multiple recycling bins in dorm rooms so that students can conveniently go green and properly sort their recyclables.

• Increase funding for stress-relief events during dead week. We need more puppies, bunnies and kittens to pet and more ice cream!

• Promote dialogue on campus for marginalized groups to engage with their peers, particularly those groups that feel threatened by the current U.S. administration.

• Push for more on-campus job opportunities for international students. Many on-campus jobs, specifically research jobs, require federal work study eligibility from their applicants. This reduces the ability of international students to earn during the school year to contribute towards paying for their expenses. Often international students miss out on valuable learning experiences because they cannot apply for many research jobs during the school year or have to choose a paid job over a federal work study research position which they would have to do for no compensation.

• Improve the quality and variety of food in dining halls to lengthen dining hours, accommodate the dietary and cultural preferences of more students, establish consistency of quality across dining halls and promote healthy nutrition.

• Secure funding for students to help them pay fees for activity classes such as music lessons and physical activity (PE) classes. I will also advocate for an increase in the variety of PE and music lessons, as well as other activity courses offered.

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