Kobe Hopkins (Undergraduate Senate candidate)

Candidate statement



We Should Talk.

@SCR: Are you tired of targeting, attacking, and vilifying people of color? Because we are. Do y'all understand that ethnic-themed dorms and community centers are not "ethnic-nationalistic" hubs who have it out for white people, but are instead crossroads of race and identity that foster the most diversity and interracial contact on campus? (If that had to be said, here it is. Period.)


@FLI_Students: Does having to continuously navigate and disclose your own socioeconomic background with people from the top 1% in order to receive close-to bare minimum support feel emotionally/physically draining for y'all, or is that just me?


@Frosh: How was your cross-the-line experience? I know the feeling of being "on display" and the tokenization of POC/Womxn/Queer/FLI/Minority folks that is far too overlooked in what is meant to be a unifying and community-building activity. As a senator, I will be an advocate for a direct, clear universal change at the conceptual stage of creating identity statements that are more inclusive and thoughtful for student communities.


@Gays_and_Gals: Disrupt the norms and take up space! Mobilize the youth! thank u, next


@CAPS: Trash.


@Non-Black_People: Do you know how small Black people are within the racial makeup of this campus? (Answer: About 6% for undergrads. Make it make sense!)

Disclosure: Often, students are passionate about and agree with many of these previously-mentioned sentiments but rarely have the means/channels to vocalize these thoughts. The reason for these attention-grabbing statements is to hint at the potential voices my candidacy will present on the undergrad senate floor.

Who even is "Kobe Hopkins?"

Hello! My name is Kobe Hopkins and I am petitioning to be on the ASSU ballot for undergraduate senate. My platform, "The Power in People," aims to abolish various limitations, issues, and hindrances that students across Stanford's campus, from all walks of life, are facing in our day-to-day lives. Now, this is my first year at Stanford. I am an unapologetically Black, gay boy from the south of Las Vegas (honestly, I'm from Henderson, NV but we don't gotta talk about that) who's trying his best to navigate college as someone from a low-income, first-generation (FLI) background. With that, I have noticed one too many problems on campus. From advocating against the punitive policies enacted in part by Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) to the financial inaccessibility behind activity and course fees, my mission is to make Stanford a more just and enjoyable experience for everyone who comes to the Farm, for both current and future students alike.

Key Platform Interests: Queer Folks, Womxn, POC, FLI, International Students, Community Centers, Clubs/Orgs Funding, Ethnic-themed Dorms, Mental Health (CAPS), Dining, Political Representation