Volunteers in Latin America (Annual Grant and Special Fee Group)

Special Fee type Undergraduate Annual Grant
Total request amount $16,476.00
Previous Special Fee amount $15,926.00
Change from previous request 3%
Amount per Undergrad $2.36 per year
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Special Fee request sponsor
Alex Casas, acasas@stanford.edu

Group statement

VILA is a 18 year old student run organization that works to promote cross-cultural and international collaboration to help increase educational access for children of low income backgrounds in Latin America. Each year VILA sends 10 volunteers to Quito, Ecuador where the students then work with Ecuadorian volunteers and nonprofits to coordinate and help run 2 summer camp programs for working children. The summer internship itself is 8 weeks long, with an incorporated reflection trip. Students spend the first 3 weeks of the trip volunteering with CENIT (Centro de la NiƱa Trabajadora). This organization takes volunteers into the markets where children come to participate in a 2 week summer camp. The second half of the program is spent volunteering with CMT (Centro del Nino Trabajador) where volunteers coordinate a summer camp within the main center of the nonprofit. The goal of VILA is to enrich the lives of these youth by giving them more pathways to educational opportunities and giving them a space where they can be children and entertain their curiosity.

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